Daily Archive: September 12, 2017

8 Games That Stack the Cards Against You


Have you ever played a game and felt like certain levels were designed to screw you over? Or that some bosses seemed to have some sort of secret advantage that got you every… Continue reading

5 Phenomenal Video Games With Amazing Storylines


I love a great story when I play video games. There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you see the credits roll after pumping hours upon hours into a game, and you… Continue reading

5 of the Best Strategy Games for the PC


If your the tactical, micro-managing type of person, you probably love strategy games. strategy games have long been a mainstay of PC gaming. Whether it’s real-time or turn-based, there is something for everyone… Continue reading

5 Awesome Indie Games You Should Play Immediately


The Indie game genre has been taking off over the past few years, and with good reason. The fact that small, independent game developers are able to create amazing games that are able… Continue reading

5 Best Selling PlayStation 4 Video Games Of All Time


PlayStation 4 is dominating the console market in terms of sales and exclusives. When it comes to the quality exclusive game no one comes even close to PlayStation 4. Sony has definitely some… Continue reading

What I Love About Stardew Valley


Stardew Valley, on the surface, is an adorable, relaxing farming sim reminiscent of the┬áHarvest Moon series. But there is so much more to the game that makes it a deeper, more enjoyable experience.… Continue reading