4 Amazing Xbox One Exclusives Video Games That Deserves Sequels

Xbox One is not winning the console war as right now and it’s all because of lack of exclusive video games and the only reason to buy a gaming console is probably that of “Exclusives” and I don’t know about the masses but I just buy a console that has more quality exclusives. This does not mean that Xbox One never had good exclusives, in fact, it had some of the most innovative games on the market. Today we are counting down the best Xbox One Exclusives that deserves a sequel.



Ryse: Son of Rome tells its story well. It has amazingly enjoyable and ruthlessly violent combat, which pairs incredibly well with the stellar graphics quality. Sadly, the experience is over all too quickly, and you’ll be left wondering where the rest of your game is. – The Escapist

It’s a gorgeous, dark and bloody tableau. But all that visual beauty and dramatic gravitas goes to waste with an aimless plot and a monotonous combat system. Ryse has all the guts of next-gen — often quite literally — but none of the glory. – Polygon

The perfect launch game, doing nothing new, arguably less so than current gen games but adequately showing off the new hardware – think of it as a tech demo with quick time event executions and you will not be disappointed. – The Digital Fix


sunset overdrive

This is the sort of game that people buy a new console for. It’s just that good. Sunset Overdrive celebrates the things that set us apart as gamers, and it draws strength from those differences. It never loses sight of the fact that fun trumps all in this sort of escapist fantasy. – Digital Trends

Insomniac Games have just given a masterclass in taking a tried and tested game genre and making it feel fresh and fun. – CalmDownTom

Sunset Overdrive is a very nervous game with colorful graphics, which offers a mix between Jet Set radio and Crackdown. In spite of very repetitive sequences, the length of the game makes it quite a good investment. – JeuxActu


Quantum Break

If they dial back the gorgonzola, the product placement and adjust that cover mechanic, this could have been a perfect game…But, for now, you’ve got the best-looking game on Xbox One, jam-packed full of familiar faces and top-notch acting, complemented by strong gameplay mechanics and a popcorn-crunching TV series. – Digital Spy

Quantum Break pushes the third-person genre through a star-studded cast and time-bending gameplay, although it lacks the replay value that many may have hoped for. – Game Rant

Quantum Break is an artistically distinct shooter, with a compelling and malleable plot and excellent performances from its main players in both their digital and live-action forms. While I wish more thought had gone into maintaining the thrill of discovering its time-twisting powers from start to finish, it ultimately didn’t prevent me from thoroughly enjoying Quantum Break’s 10-hour campaign, two times over. – IGN 



It combines some of the best elements of Metroid and Mega Man and blends them together seamlessly. Other than camera problems and occasionally excessive load times, ReCore is an exciting experience and one of the Xbox One’s best action games. – Game Over Online

ReCore is breezier, smarter and more accessible than a lot of its moneyed, would-be contemporaries. Traversing its empty open world is a chore, but when the game carries you indoors and places you inside one of its finely tuned dungeon-style levels, it’s unquestionably good, old-fashioned fun. – games(TM)

The first couple of hours of ReCore were almost downright magical. The story had me on its hook, the gameplay was fun, Mack was adorable and so much fun to use in combat, and I admit that the environment initially took my breath away. A few hours later, everything fell stale. The gameplay gave way to typical dungeon-platforming formulas. Even the beauty of the characters and environment appeared to diminish, as though the game was slowly rolling back to the PlayStation 2 era. – Game Revolution

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#4 Amazing Xbox One Exclusives Video Games That Deserves Sequels