TitanFall 2 – I Have Never Been This Close… Or This Far

I chose to play a game of Titan brawl.  I thought I was going to go ham, as I was playing Monarch and had secured a solid understanding of how she is best played.  Alas, chance had different ideas for me.   I went through my usual business, totally annihilating people while keeping my distance, but one little teeny tiny section of bad refresh rate showed me how fickle an internet connection can be.  For those who haven’t played Titan Brawl, it’s good fun, just don’t get as mad as I did when I came so close to complete victory but fell short.  Still a worthy video though, I promise.  For more videos, check out Ownerbynight  And feel free to watch this video on my channel directly through this link, in case you want to more easily leave a like, comment, or to share

Thanks as always for watching everyone, I hope you all enjoy this video!

#TitanFall 2 – I Have Never Been This Close… Or This Far