4 Huge Undderated Video Games Based On Movies

Movies and Video games really don’t work together that good and we all know how terrible movies are based on video games but games based on movies are not very good either. But today we are counting down the best video games based on movies and no we are not gonna talk about the best one but instead, we will talk about the ones that no one knows about.



With all that is found through out Scarface: The World is Yours, there is a huge amount of things to do and more action than you can shake a stick at. – GameShark

A worthy sequel. You get what is advertised – more of Tony Montana. If you want open ended crime gaming, get another game. This is Tony Montana you’re dealing with here. – Digital Entertainment News

Given the cliché of terrible movie tie ins, I was most impressed with Scarface on that basis alone, but it does become easier to recommend the game when you consider that Scarface: The World Is Yours would be worth a play through even without Tony Montana. – Boomtown



Longtime Bat-gamers can consider Batman Begins the cave-engineered antidote to the Bat-crap that’s been dropping on consoles in recent years. – Stuff

The decision to go stealth was a good one and even though scripted and prompted, the gameplay hits the broad mark. – Play Magazine

At least it’s easy on the eyes and ears: Batman Begins looks remarkably good, from twilight environments that make for a spooky Gotham City to some surprisingly impressive character models. – Inside Gamer Online


the thing.png

 So see the film, take a little break, then turn down the lights, put on headphones, and prepare yourself for the atmosphere, anticipation, apprehension, anxiety and action of The Thing. – Four Fat Chicks
Excellent, moody and atmospheric, and at some points downright creepy. – Game Over Online
If it weren’t for a general scarcity of terror and a control scheme unsuited to its action-oriented gameplay, The Thing would be great. – GameSpot


blade runner.png

In my opinion, this is the only successful interactive movie with a nonlinear storyline. A wonderful story that is not inferior to the plot of the same movie. Interesting and memorable characters. Amazing atmosphere of cyberpunk. The actual nonlinearity of the plot, where every action affects the ending. I went through the game 8 times and still not know everything – alexbychok

This game is another undiscovered masterpiece. The NPCs live their virtual lives independently, they don’t wait around for the player to make a move. Therefore multiple endings shouldn’t come as a surprise. The writing is great, the atmosphere is just sooo good, the graphics are still so gorgeous after all these years. Best movie video game? Best movie video game! – Wolfie1987

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#4 Huge Undderated Video Games Based On Movies