Ranking The Halo Series From Worst To Best

The biggest achievement Xbox Brand has ever achieved is Halo and I am saying that because Halo is regarded as one of the greatest video game franchise ever made. Halo has inspired countless AAA Games that follows the path of Halo and how it changed the shooter’s perspective. The Futuristic theme of Halo never gets old as they bring out something new in every game. Sure it had some flaws but I still consider Halo a nearly perfect Shooter franchise. Today we are ranking down the Halo series from worst to best. HALO WARS Series excluded.

7. HALO 5


What happens in Halo 5‘s story, by contrast, feels disappointingly by the numbers, the mysteries not so mysterious after all, the archetypes shuffled back to their starting blocks by the finale. The big plot twist, where the game finally tries to provoke an emotional crisis, feels strangely underwhelming, its sentiment too one-sided given how sanguine and taciturn the story’s heroes are. The novelty of poring ourselves as players into the emotionally blank space where a person ought to be in these games may no longer be working. – Time

Halo 5 has a run-of-the-mill campaign that isn’t as interesting or exciting as the one from Halo 4. Of course, that doesn’t make the game weak – you can play with pleasure and impatiently wait for the final chapter of the new trilogy. But Guardians shines in a different aspect: the multiplayer portion of the game is phenomenal and will keep you glued to the screen for hundreds of hours. – GRYOnline.pl

I think die-hard Halo fans will love Halo 5: Guardians, as it’s a game made almost exclusively with them in mind. The rest of us might find ourselves a little lost, a bit let down and wistful for an old horizon that once reached for the heavens. – Toronto Sun

6. HALO 2


I can say with complete honesty that no other first-person shooter can touch Bungie’s epic in terms of level design, gunplay, sheer action or multiplayer entertainment. – Adrenaline Vault

It’s a game that deserves every superlative attached to it, a title so well-rounded and technically superior that it demands to be played. – PALGN

The system works well, even if it is different from what you are used to. Stop whining, learn how to create a party for custom games and enjoy the benefits of the matchmaking system the rest of the time. It’s not perfect but neither is the traditional server list model. – Gamer’s Hell

5. HALO 4


If you’re a Halo fan, you’ve probably already pre-ordered and purchased this game and thankfully the game more than lived up to its hype. Even if you have never played a Halo game before, it’s still one of the best first person shooters on any console. – Impulsegamer

This is THE best Halo game yet, and although the campaign in short, there’s an abundance of content to keep Halo 4 in your disc tray. – Console Monster

It’s a formidable return to form for Master Chief. This gorgeous game offers thrills and challenges from start to finish, and provides a much more personal story for our hero than what we’ve seen before. – Gamer.no



Halo expands focusing on the smallest things, with new gameplay and the same excellence we are used to. – Vandal

Although it would have been interesting to actually use and maneuver yourself while in the Drop Pods, the story is fleshed out and the flashback levels has the warming welcome from Halo that we’ve enjoyed many times before. – XboxAddict

On one hand, Halo 3: ODST is a no-brainer purchase for fans, thanks to the new story and the addictive Firefight mode. It’s a classically fun Halo experience but on the other hand, if you’re looking for something truly different or innovative, you won’t find it here. – Gaming Target



This immersive sci-fi epic delivers both an expansive story and electrifying first-person combat, making it one of 2001’s best games. – GamePro

It may be the best FPS ever created. Yet from my personal standpoint, Halo is one the greatest games ever created. Ever. – GamingWorld X

I started playing Halo early one afternoon. Several hours in, I figured I should probably take a break to get a bite to eat, so I said to myself, “I’ll just finish this one level first”. Suffice to say, I never did get around to eating much that day. – Game Over Online

2. HALO 3



Its solid gameplay, immense replayability, online functionality and incredible production values will ensure its place in video game history, and it is, without a doubt, a satisfying and fulfilling close to the beloved trilogy – GamePro

Halo 3 is essential. An Xbox 360 without a copy of the game is like a human without a heart. – NZGamer

The combination of the excellent campaign tried and true multiplayer, and online co-op make this a game that shouldn’t be missed by anyone – Game Positive


halo reach.jpg

Halo: Reach is without doubt Bungie’s finest Halo game, and best of all it has the story and structure to the campaign to finally deliver the Halo experience that some of us have been waiting for since the original Halo: Combat Evolved launched on Xbox back in 2002 – MS Xbox World

ODST could have been a clever little shimmy, but it came out a misstep. Reach brings us right back into the dance that hooked us nine years ago, introduces some cool new steps, and leaves us twirling in enchantment as Bungie graciously bows out. Just keep twirling, Spartan. – Joystiq

If you’re a fan of the Halo series and were a little disappointed with ODST and a little apprehensive in purchasing this title, don’t be. Bungie have redeemed themselves by not only creating an engaging and coercive story but have brought the game back to its roots and tweaked the gameplay, both offline and online to make this the definitive game of the series. – Impulsegamer

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