How Rockstar Games Is Crushing Grand Theft Auto Online

With the release of the latest DLC “Smuggler’s Run” in Grand Theft Auto Online, there seems to be some confusion with the story of the whole game.  Today I will explain how the story and the timeline of GTA Online works, and how Rockstar possible messed it up.

We all know the GTA Online story takes place before the events of the GTA 5 Story mode. There is a six months time difference to be exact.  One of the examples I can give you is in the heist “Human Raid”, in which players deliver the EMP and set it into the lab.  But in story mode, players stole that exact EMP and it shows how GTA Online is connected to Story Mode.

Everything was going on smooth until the release of the “Gunrunning” update. Why may you ask? Because in Gunrunning the year is 2017, which means our Online mode story is 4 years ahead of the Story in Offline mode. This is the part where I think Rockstar really messed up because if we are in the year 2017, how we are still delivering cars to Devin Weston and Jay Norris as they were both killed in the story mode?

If Rockstar really wants to progress the story why it would collide the events of 2013 and 2017? Because in one-time space we are doing missions for Gunrunning that are set in 2017 and in the other time space we are doing missions for Import and Export which really does not make sense.  How can two timelines work together like that?

I think if Rockstar Really wants GTA Online to have a good story then they should have improved and added some new content to Import and Export business to make it fit into the year 2017.

Fast forward to “Smuggler’s Run”, and we now have Ron.  He is probably Trevor’s best friend and his most loyal business partner. In the cutscenes where he shows the hangar, he did mention to Trevor how he betrayed him and left him alone to handle the business and the biggest thing he reveals about Trevor is how he shifted to LOS Santos and is doing some Guru yoga and what not. All in all, we get the impression that Ron is not very happy with the whole thing. Thus, We are his new Partners.

Now here things get more confusing. Remember GTA 5 had three endings?  Spoilers!  1. Michael Dies   2.   Trevor Dies   3. Everyone lives.

From every DLC I am getting the impression that Rockstar Decided to go with the ending where all three protagonists are alive and Devin Weston dies.  I think the ending where Trevor dies does not make a whole lot sense, as we saw Ron mentioning him being alive in the year 2017.  I really wished that Online mode story should change according to the player’s decision made in story mode.

At this point, I have lost all the interest in GTA Online main reason because of repetitive business DLC’s, and the all-over style of GTA Online is not what I imagined and hoped for.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and please tell me in the comment section if there’s anything I missed and if there’s something you guys don’t agree with. Feedback is always appreciated.  Check out my personal Channel Ownerbynight where I post Gameplay videos and stuff if you would like.  Hope to see you all next time.