5 Phenomenal Video Game Released In The Year 2004

Check out the best games released in the year 2003. In this series, I compile some of the greatest games released in last 17 years. We have started from 2000 and will end the series in the year 2017. Counting down the best of the best video games released last 17 years.

So without any further a do let’s head right into best video game released in 2004. A new article will be posted soon covering the best games released in 2005. 



Where it goes beyond a typical first person shooter is in its story telling. The graphics engine is so realistic that you feel like you are participating in a movie. The character’s facial animation is incredible. It’s done so well, you can get a sense of how the characters are feeling. – Gaming Age

Half-Life 2 has astonished us from start to finish. Valve has done to the FPS genre what restaurants in Chinatown do to ducks; shredded it, smothered it in a delicious sauce of their own devising, and served it up in a way which you simply couldn’t have imagined when looking at them in the pond. – Eurogamer

It’s a beautiful game with fantastic design and writing that’s a little short but delivers boatloads of action in what time you do end up playing. – Game Over Online



The game’s targeting system has also been adjusted. Using triggers and both analog sticks (a la “Manhunt”), players take more complete control of C.J., and can have him run and strafe, change targets, and shoot in almost any direction, even while moving in another. – All Game Guide

With its strong story, well-written dialogue, terrific voice cast, impressive graphics, great in-game sound, and extremely entertaining and varied gameplay, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a stupendous thrill ride that shouldn’t be missed. – GameSpot

This is arguably the most important videogame this year – yes, even more important than “Halo 2” – not only because it’s a superbly crafted videogame, but because it’s also a bona fide sociological artifact, one that manages to effectively evoke a specific time and place in American history—in this case, a hot and hazy California during the nascent days of hip-hop culture. – GameCritics



I can say with complete honesty that no other first-person shooter can touch Bungie’s epic in terms of level design, gunplay, sheer action or multiplayer entertainment. – Adrenaline Vault

From the huge gameplay twist early on, to taking down a giant walking tank, to way late in the game when you team up with certain…teammates, all the way to an end that’ll leave you with the same breathless feeling you had when you first watched “The Empire Strikes Back”…moments like these turn a fun game into a monumental experience. – Electronic Gaming Monthly

It’s a game that deserves every superlative attached to it, a title so well-rounded and technically superior that it demands to be played. [Offline review only – includes multiplayer] – PALGN



It takes the quality gameplay from the second game and vastly improves it, while taking the better story pacing from the first game in mind when providing the lengthy tale that really involves the gamer. – Into Liquid Sky

You might be surprised that this game isn’t an Xbox game when you first see it on the TV. It looks great and while it does have some telltale signs of being a PS2 game, it’s still absolutely gorgeous. – Cinescape

Except for the slow first few hours of the game and an occasionally annoying camera, MGS 3 is damn near a perfect game. – BonusStage

We’d like to say that Metal Gear Solid 3 is on a par with the original PSone game and in many ways it’s much better, but it also feels like it has been left behind in some fundamental areas by the likes of “Splinter Cell.” – TotalGames.net



Anybody who even kind of liked “Jagged Alliance” or its sequel should have already left by now for the store to pick up a copy. – Adrenaline Vault

If you’ve ever played “Jagged Alliance 2” and thought “Hot diggity, if this took place in World War II and was in 3D, it would rock,” here is your dream game. – GMR Magazine

Features a surprisingly impressive presentation, complete with realistic physics and some of the most destructible environments ever seen in a game, which lead to some very exciting unscripted moments. – GameSpot

Despite a few glitches and omissions (no multiplayer or online options, although there is a map editor), expect Silent Storm to receive a noisily positive reception from the tactical strategy crowd. – Yahoo!

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#5 Phenomenal Video Game Released In The Year 2004