6 Forgotten Xbox Video Games That Should Return To Xbox One X

Recent years haven’t been very good for Xbox Brand. The release of Xbox One was a mess and the reviews were in favor of PS4 and as of now PS4 is the leading and dominating gaming console right now. Sure, Xbox One messed big time but 360 and the original version had some of the most groundbreaking games. But Microsoft did not want Sony to take the market and they have made the world’s most powerful console. Today we are taking a look at some of the best game ever made for Xbox (Exclusives) that should return to Xbox One X



The greatest experience I have ever had in all my years of gaming. That’s right Xbox owners, in many regards it even surpasses “Halo.” – MS Xbox World

Although I really liked Breakdown for its story and first-person implementation and grew to love the combat, some will think it’s a “niche” title with too many idiosyncrasies for a wider audience. –Armchair Empire

In many ways, it is a groundbreaking title and is certainly deserving of praise for attempting to do something new, however it fails to be as good as it could have been, resulting in a game that has many fantastic parts that never form a unified whole. – Deeko



The four-player coop mode is particularly notable, considering so few titles incorporate so many players with such a high degree of complexity. However, there is a lack of polish to certain aspects which hold it back from being a legendary experience. – Adrenaline Vault

A well-done game, filled with dangerous opponents and plenty of targets to shoot at, but it also doesn’t fulfill its potentially – GameSpot

With outstanding graphics and well executed audio features helping to increase the game’s appeal, those who enjoy “Halo’s” style of action wouldn’t want to pass up Brute Force. – Gamezilla!



Everything is done well from the tip of your top knot to the soles of your butt kicking shoes. Some people may be intimidated by the massive amount of reading and conversations that you come upon in this game, but serious RPGers will revel in it. – XboxAddict

If you thought “Fable” and “Knights of the Old Republic” were the best RPGs the Xbox had to offer, you need to think again. Jade Empire is the new king of Xbox RPGs, and it doesn’t look like anything will be releasing this year to top it. – GamerFeed

If you look at Jade Empire as Bioware’s next RPG, you’ll be disappointed, as it is really a step back from Bioware’s previous endeavors. However, when looked at as more of an action title, Jade Empire is much more palatable. – Worth Playing



After playing this game you’ll understand exactly why, short of a crate of opium-laced Snickers bars, nothing is more satisfying than leveling city blocks by the dozen with a 50-ton robot. –Maxim Online

Just pick up a copy of MechAssault, along with an Xbox Live starter kit, and the wonders of online gaming on the powerful Xbox await you. – XGP Gaming

The control and missions revolve around simply blowing things up, but after the novelty of reducing everything to a cinder fades, what players are left with is an average shooter. – XenGamers



If Otogi’s tale was the bread it’s gameplay is the butter. It mixes the best best of both the action and rpg genre… Much like “Ico” and “Panzer Dragoon Orta” it will go down as one of the most memorable experiences of this generation. – Into Liquid Sky

There have been few action adventure games that pull of the perfect blend of gameplay, storyline and presentation that Otogi manages to do. From Software did their homework in regards to – TeamXbox

One of the best third-person action games released in recent memory. The unprecedented ability to destroy nearly every onscreen object, including the ability to pound craters into the ground with devastating attacks, will keep gamers looking for action more than satisfied – GamingWorld X

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#6 Forgotten Xbox Video Games That Should Return To Xbox One X