Ranking Far Cry Video Game Series From Worst To Best

Ubisoft has made many video game franchises but Far Cry has always been my favourite. There is something different Far Cry than any other franchise Ubisoft have ever made. The best part of the game is Atmosphere and while it’s a fully open world video game it does have a really a unique setting. Far Cry is also known for introducing some of the most iconic villains in history. In the excitement of Far Cry 5 speaking of which I think it will be the worst Far Cry because of how it tries to be a more of a multiplayer experience and we all know the strong part of the series has always been Story Mode. Anyways, We are counting down the best and the worst Far Cry games. ONLY MAIN GAMES



Far Cry Primal is a healthy, well-designed, immensely immersive experiment within an established franchise. Bottom line is we need more developers to take such risks. The result is indeed a fantastic experience due to the blending of multiple genres – survival, adventure, action, first-person, strategy, etc. – and the retaining of a familiar, tried-and-true formula. – PSX Extreme

Melee combat can be disorienting and the story isn’t all that memorable. Still, Far Cry Primal nails what it does right. Beast Mastery is a great new mechanic, the presentation is fantastic, and most importantly, it feels just like a Far Cry game. Woolly mammoths may have gone extinct, but Primal ensures that the Far Cry franchise won’t follow suit. – Hardcore Gamer=

Far Cry: Primal is an example of how ambition doesn’t always translate to success. It’s overly familiar and overly safe, and it does little with its concept. – Worth Playing



Superb in every way, technically, atmospherically, visually, sonically, it’s got it all. One of the best games on the PC and one of the best games ever made full stop. – Gaming Illustrated

On the one hand we have the brilliant graphics, excellent physics and devious AI, while on the other we have the disappointing sound department, a few glitches in the AI, the save system that will probably not be to everyone’s liking and the system requirements which can prove too great for some gamers out there. – Computer Games Online RO

Let me make this clear, through capitalization: ANY GAME THAT DOES NOT SAVE IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU KILL A BOSS AND SEE THE ENSUING CUTSCENE HAS A BROKEN SAVE-GAME SYSTEM. I don’t care if it’s supposed to make the game more intense, it’s stupid, moronic, ridiculous, pointless and otherwise detrimental to the overall quality of the game – Thunderbolt



It has its shortcomings, but it still makes its mark as one of the best releases of the year, at this point. The graphics and setting alone make it a real stand-out, and I like the fact that Ubisoft tried to go after something a bit more unique in a genre that is known for rampant replication – CPUGamer

Visually impressive and ambitious but ultimately falls short of the hype. Attempts very hard to immerse you in a realistic sandbox world but fails to be anything but a simple, repetitive shooter. Driving across beautiful but lifeless world while fighting infinitely respawning enemies to complete unimaginative missions for people who all try to kill you can be summed up as beautiful but disappointing. – YouGamers

In 2007, Ubisoft sent to Africa a whole team of Far Cry 2 developers so they could record sounds, take pictures and soak in the spirit of “Heart of Darkness”. Judging by the promotional videos, the guys had the time of their lives. It’s a pity that the game fails to convey even the tiniest fracture of their emotions. – Absolute Games



Far Cry 3 is important for the same reason as Far Cry 2. It’s a shooter that considers shooters thoughtfully, both in the way they’re designed and the way we play them, and then asks us to do the same. – IGN

Far Cry 3 is an exceptional FPS with fun mechanics and excellent characterization. Unfortunately it wastes a fair number of opportunities offered by its huge open-world background. Plus, the secondary activities are not as fun as they could have been, and the island is too extensive to be interesting in the long run. Anyway, this game has surprised us. – Eurogamer Italy

Far Cry 3 is an excellent game, marred mainly by some irritating design elements and an inconsistent story that often defaults to generic “tribal” cliches to make an impact. – GameSpot



Far Cry 4 truly shines in the almost bacchanalian sense of freedom it bestows on the player as they traverse through its environment. – Guardian

Graphically appealing, Far Cry 4 reincarnates the gameplay of its marine old-gen form into the mystical and evocative Himalayan setting. The transmigration of Far Cry’s soul into a new (re)generation body is successfully complete: the Nirvana of open world FPS is a step nearer. – IGN Italia
Despite all the flaws, Far Cry 4 pounds out an open-world FPS maelstrom of ridiculousness. It’s always in your face and it’s never afraid to throw numerous and diverse dangers in your path, just to see if you can adapt and survive. – PSX Extreme
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#Ranking Far Cry Video Game Series From Worst To Best