5 Most Realistic Looking Video Games For PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

“Realism” is not often considered as a very good in gaming thing mainly because sometimes realism can make the gameplay more serious and less fun and honestly it defeats the whole purpose of gaming in whole if it is not FUN. But Realism in Graphics is something else and one of the best examples would be FFXV. FFXV is a really good looking game and the textures and the food just look phenomenal but the world and everything present in that world is not “Realistic” Square Enix created a more of Realistic Fantasy adventure. Today we are counting down some of the most realistic looking video games for Xbox One S and PS4.


Uncharted lost legacy chloe

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy honors its parentage with engaging characters and exotic landscapes, setting the stage for more of the best action gameplay out there. It’s much of the same, but that’s OK when “the same” is this good. – EGM

If ever there were a video game that felt like a packaged tour to an ideal tourist destination, this was it. – Washington Post

If Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is Naughty Dog’s last run at the series, then it is good to know that they ended their involvement on a high note. Everything that made the series so memorable is present, from the witty banter and deep characterization to the white-knuckle action. Chloe and Nadine make a perfect duo, so you aren’t going to miss Sully and Nathan.  – Worth Playing


metal gear

Kojima redefines the stealth-action genre showing a V for Victory. Good decisions, clear direction, deep gameplay, extremely polished… MGSV writes one of the most important chapters in the Metal Gear franchise – 3DJuegos

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is the apex of the series and a fitting way for Kojima et al to bow out: as one, as best, as Big Boss. – Digital Spy

The holy grail of world-building games, it’s argued, is a black box that lets players do as they like with minimal handholding. Pliability with just the right measure of accountability. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, a tactical stealth simulation wrapped in a colossal resource management puzzle inside a love letter to theatrical inscrutability, comes the closest of any game I’ve yet played to realizing that ideal. – Time



Rocksteady says farewell to the franchise with an utter masterpiece; its best game so far. Each element feels like a love letter to fans and to Batman himself. Batman: Arkham Knight is the perfect conclusion to an excellent saga, and it departs in the same way it once came: leaving us amazed and with great satisfaction. – LevelUp

Arkham Knight is certainly a bigger, and in many ways a better game than its predecessors, but those attempts to make it ‘more badass’ do more harm than good. Even so, any frustrations I have with Arkham Knight don’t take away from the fact that I was unable to stop playing for four days straight, frequently in awe. It’s a stunning achievement in many ways, a game of ridiculous polish and obvious effort, and its best moments are good enough to make the worst moments worth bearing. – Hyper Magazine



IO Interactive’s new, episodic Hitman is a triumph. The developer knew how to revive its ailing series and did so with aplomb, crafting a robust set of core mechanics and designing superb levels around them. Reminiscent of everything Blood Money did so well, from its focus on gameplay over story to its cold, sardonic presentation and dark sense of humour, this is Hitman as it is and always should be. – IBTimes UK

Hitman: The Complete First Season is the perfect re-introduction to the third-person stealth franchise, bringing back sandbox game design and player choice to the forefront with six expertly hand-crafted missions with hundreds of opportunities and ways to approach killing targets, and a ton of side content in the form of Escalation contracts and the Sarajevo Six (effectively “What If?” scenarios and missions). – Impulsegamer



I’m absolutely impressed by every aspect of Battlefield 1. While it’s easy to think that the weapons and machines available to a game based on the first World War might feel like a step back for military shooters, I think you’ll be surprised by how exciting and modern Battlefield 1 still manages to fee – Gaming Age

DICE takes aim with Battlefield 1 and it ends up being a jackpot. It couldn’t be a better game taking into consideration the limitations imposed due to the game taking place during WWI. It offers some of the best maps ever seen in the franchise. Tons of charisma for a franchise that stands tall against the dictatorship of sci-fi and double jump. – LaPS4

Battlefield 1 is a triumphant return to form for the series and a must-have for any first-person shooter aficionado. – Playstation Universe
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#5 Most Realistic Looking Video Games For PlayStation 4 And Xbox One