Ranking The Uncharted Video Games Series From Worst To Best

Naughty Dog is one of the best and most popular video game developers of all time. Started with PlayStation they delivered games like Crash Bandicoot and Jax And Dexter which still remains one of the best gaming franchise. But Uncharted is probably the reason Naughty Dog is so popular in the mainstream gaming. Uncharted has changed the gaming industry in many ways. Whether it is Graphics, Storytelling, or World Setting. Today we are counting down the best Uncharted games.



Uncharted is a tremendously fun game and one of the best gaming experiences of the year. While it borrows heavily from other games in the market it’s such a nice and diverse game that it’s hard to find much fault with. – Gaming Nexus

We could actually say that Drake is the male version of Lara Croft, a good prediction to the beginning of a franchise that could be very interesting. – PTGamers

Problem is, when it comes to movie-style storytelling, Uncharted is more “Sahara” than “Raiders Of The Lost Ark.” – The A.V. Club



A must-own for anyone at all considering a purchase of a PlayStation Vita. It shows what that little portable with plenty of power can do, from the graphics, to the controls, to the Vita-specific touch features – it’s truly amazing. – PlayStation LifeStyle

What really matters here is that, yes, Golden Abyss feels like an Uncharted game. If you own a Vita already, this is the game you should be playing right now. It looks and sounds fantastic, the “ledge painting” is a great new feature, and it gives us another story of our favorite treasure hunter Nathan Drake. Sure, it’s not perfect. – Cheat Code Central

The story is good enough to stand the comparison with the other Uncharted games, and that should be the only reason you’d need to go and buy this one. – Eurogamer Spain


It’s more than just the best entry in an outstanding series though – it epitomises the very reason many of us play video games. And that’s its greatest achievement. – Push Square

The visuals are breathtaking, the story is fascinating and the gameplay is never-ending. Uncharted 3 is like a fast-paced locomotive that cannot be stopped. The expectations were high, but Naughty Dog met them and even added an action-oriented frantic multiplayer. This third title clearly honours its parents, but as a child it does tricks with its pulsing vigour – Games.cz

Naughty Dog once again delivers a unique cinematic experience that has no equal. With superb graphics, unbelievable set-pieces, superb story telling and great characters, Uncharted 3 is a genre-defining game. Next time though, we’d like to see better shooting mechanics. – GameOver.gr



Uncharted 2 is one of the most memorable video games ever created. Not because it is particularly innovative, but because the mixture of shooting, climbing, creeping, thinking, laughing and simple astonishment works perfectly. – Cynamite

Uncharted 2 has no rival on the PS3. There’s no other game, despite Killzone 2 on the visuals, with the same level of quality as Naughty Dog’s newest game. The rhythm of the game is fast-paced and action-packed, and includes some fun, well-thought-out dialogue. The game is almost perfect in every stage, and it has online coop and deathmatch; there’s no doubt that it’s one of the top three games for the PS3, and one of the five best games of this year. – Meristation

One of the best games to come out this year. An extremely immersive story, solid gameplay, great sound, addictive multiplayer, and one of the best-looking games of all time. – GamerNode


uncharted 4

It is rip-roaring stuff. There is no great illusion here; any risk that may have been associated with Nathan Drake’s introduction a decade ago has long gone, swept away in a tide of crowd-pleasing spectacle. But Uncharted 4’s swagger makes it easy to succumb to the ride, its craftmanship, sense of adventure and willingness to open up to its players providing a potent sugar-rush of popcorn gaming pleasure. – Telegraph

Naughty Dog has crafted a brilliant game that can stand alone as the best game on PlayStation 4. Uncharted was once referred to as a Tomb Raider clone, but it wound up being a Tomb Raider killer. Naughty Dog has elevated the video game industry as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is pure brilliance. – Examiner

Uncharted 4 is a landmark title that anyone remotely interested in interactive storytelling should invest in. Naughty Dog has once again raised the bar across the industry. Thrilling shootouts, a staggering level of detail, breathtaking visuals and emotional depth come together to make Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End a must-play masterpiece. – Easy Allies


Uncharted lost legacy chloe

Another fantastic game from Naughty Dog, a developer whose pedigree only seems to grow stronger with each title. – GameSpew

You will recognise the beats, but Chloe and Nadine make their own fresh and thrilling impact on the familiar. You could not imagine a more fitting finale. – Telegraph

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy had brought back everything we adore from the series. However, the time has come for us to see a substantial refresher in future releases. – Telegraph

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#Ranking The Uncharted Video Games Series From Worst To Best