6 Beloved Original PlayStation Video Games That Must Return To PS4

PlayStation was a huge success and changed the game industry forever. Nintendo was the king of the gaming console until Sony Launched the Original PlayStation and it crushed the competition and went on to create some of the best games of all time. Personally, I love PlayStation because it was the first ever gaming console I bought.

Today we are counting down the best games/franchises that must return to current gen.



Like “Sonic” and “Crash,” Spyro grabs on and doesn’t let go, and the complexity of the levels, hidden games, and non-stop action make it one of the year’s best platform games. – Hot Games

A universally excellent game.- IGN

A good, solid 3D platformer that won’t disappoint fans of the purple dragon, but may leave fans of the genre feeling a little empty. – Spank!

More creative minigames, a slightly higher difficulty level, superb level design and some of the best realtime graphics the PlayStation has ever seen all make Year of the Dragon a winner. -Daily Radar



Great graphics, excellent sound, solid control, and lots of replayability. Eons of fun! – Hot Games

Graphically, Dino Crisis 2 boasts some of the best work the old PS will ever have to offer, with great CG flowing near seamlessly into the action the player controls. – GamePro

Dino Crisis 2 serves up plenty of heart-thumping mayhem, awesome graphics and sound, and enough dinosaur bloodlust to keep even the most experienced dino hunters on their toes. – Happy Puppy


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From the second you put this game in; you will not want to stop playing. It might consume your life until you finish it, or until you get stuck that you can’t deal with the stress anymore. – Gaming Maxx

A melange of the action, adventure and RPG genres, Square has truly beaten all odds and produced an engaging, seamless epic unlike any other. Despite a few interface and complexity issues, Vagrant Story is a rare and nearly perfected game. – GameSpot

After all, it’s still just the gunblade attack wearing a new dress. But what a pretty dress it is – curvy customizations, tight chain attacks, and sparkly exploration. Despite its somewhat limited action elements, VS presents a unique RPG with terrific storytelling. – Game Revolution



 This is one of those games that just screams out fun whenever you play, even though technically apes aren’t the same as monkeys. An absolutely essential part of any platform fan’s collection. – Hot Games

The best 3D platform game on the PlayStation. Hands down. It’s not only innovative, it digs deep into the analog control’s inherent movements and brings out a breadth of fantastic gameplay elements that are unique to the game. – IGN

One of the most enjoyable 3D platform games to swing onto the PlayStation in quite some time. It’s also one of the most innovative. –  All Game Guide


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Valkyrie Profile comes highly recommended and is by far the best role-playing game I’ve played so far this year. – Gaming Age
While its story, or rather stories, are enough of a draw in their own right, it also happens to be one of the most gorgeous 2D creations I’ve ever seen, and possessed of such original game systems that even veteran RPG’ers might find themselves at sea for a little while. – IGN
Despite its obvious deficiencies, from the unnecessarily irritating save system to the repetitiously moronic combat system, “Valkyrie Profile” remains an intriguing, often breathtaking roleplaying experience. – Daily Radar



Simply too great a package for any RPG lover to be without. – XenGamers

Arc I is too short; Arc II is rewarding but drags on a bit; and Arc III looks bland. The overall story, though, makes all three worth playing in the long run. – GamePro
Even if you’ve never played a strategy RPG in your life, Arc the Lad is the perfect starting point: it’s not overly difficult, it features an easy-to-use battle interface, and the variety of gameplay increases with each chapter in the series. – Gaming Age
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#6 Beloved Original PlayStation Video Games That Must Return To PS4