The Real Reasons Not To Pre Order Video Games

If you are a gamer, odds are that you have more than once been hyped about a new release scheduled in the future, and you might have wanted to pre-order the games to make sure that you get a copy before everyone else, but in the age when digital downloads rule the market, is it really necessary to pre-order games? and why do companies insist that you do?

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well it’s not unknown that companies are out to make as much money as possible, they are putting their money into the games they make and obviously they want to get it back, but not every game is successful and if a company has put a lot of money into it they will lose money if they don’t sell, and what is the best way to make sure that no one knows that your game sucks? that’s right, don’t show the game until the sale is done.

But with the decline of games on cd-rom the supply of games is not limited and there is no reason to pre-order unless you want the added bonuses that they tease you with.

Steam has made it harder for developers to get away with the pre-order “scam” by providing refunds if the game was played for less than two hours so you can find out if the game sucks before you risk your money.

I personally think that the future looks promising with more and more people every day realising that pre-orders aren’t something worth buying and that it is just a shady business model  that lowers the average quality of the games we all look forward to.