Shenmue III Facial Animations Are Pretty Horrible

At the June 2015 E3 conference, following years of speculation, Suzuki launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund Shenmue III, with Sega having licensed Shenmue to Suzuki’s company Ys Net. The Fans of the original Shenmue game got really excited and the game generated a lot of hype in a very short period of time.

Original Shenmue game was considered as ahead of its time because of how it embraced the idea of Open World video game narration. Unfortunately due to high budget and the failure of Dreamcast Shenmue was not a very profitable game.

Considering Shenmue was a revolutionary game back in the day we can easily assume that the new Shenmue III will introduce some thing new and complete different right? Well as of right now I personally don’t think so and this because Sony just dropped a new teaser for Shenmue III and the atmosphere and overall graphics were good but the animation is horrible. The main thing is that the budget of this Shenmue III is no joke either and still we have this clunky animation and outdated graphics I have seen some indie studios doing a better job than this with a small budget and team. I know that the game is still far off and the voice acting also hasn’t been done yet but still it shouldn’t look this bad. Anyways I am still hyped for this game and I do hope they improve those lifeless animations.

#Shenmue III Facial Animations Are Pretty Horrible