4 Most Anticipated Video Games That Were Deserted After The Launch

If you take a look back at games released 5 years ago you will notice how developers still support them. Prime Examples being GTA Online, Black Ops 3 etc. but it might seem a little nonsensical of me saying this. Modern Game Publishers/Developers tries their best to make the game relevant and active for at least 2-3 years it even applies to a story focused game. Examples being Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4. So now you get what I am saying but today we are talking about games that were hotly anticipated before the launch but were abandoned by developers after the game release.


for honor

For Honor truly captures the cinematic feeling of clashes between heavy armored medieval warriors. Especially in “Duels” we took part in spectacularly tense fights as if choreographed for an epically uncut movie scene. It’s a bit of disappointment then that microtransactions show one of their ugliest faces in Ubisoft’s game. – GameOver.gr

For Honor’s multiplayer is special, but as a whole it’s let down by the less good single player, sometimes dodgy matchmaking, and a surfeit of microtransactions. The combat, though, is fantastic — it’s gutsy and weighty, and you feel like a badass. –
At its core, For Honor is a stunningly great game with exhilarating combat the likes of which are hardly seen. But it’s crippled by online issues that reduce its core multiplayer to a frustrating mess. – Critical Hit


the divison

At first, hours spent with The Division go by very quickly. Constant action in Manhattan can engage for a good while, but the game becomes repetitive and monotonous if approached without friends or other agents – Eurogamer Poland
The Division is a game that demands to be played with other people. It’s biggest gameplay flaws are forgivable once you add a friend into the mix, but as a solo experience it can be an exhausting grind with little in the way of rewards or satisfaction. – The Escapist
Ultimately, The Division’s overly busy, conflicted design philosophies drown its best ingredients in a bland slurry that never quite comes together into a cohesive dish. – IGN
It builds a strong foundation on the gameplay front, offering up rewarding combat and simple skills, but doesn’t follow that with anything substantial, being content to let the standard end game grind and excellent-yet-stressful PVP try to cover all the questions its writing leaves you with – DarkStation



While it shows moments of brilliance when played with the right group, Evolve simply can’t consistently promise that level of experience. Play with good friends or play as the monster – but anything else will leave you feeling irritated and unsatisfied.  – Critical Hit

Evolve has rare highs hidden amongst tedious lows. When the title hits its stride, it is easy to see why it was designed in this way – Worth Playing
Evolve isn’t a bad game, per se, but the rage-inducing technical issues and design oversights, paired with a complete lack of heart-pumping “fight or flight” gameplay that the hype train and the Left 4 Dead series led me to expect have left me feeling unimaginably disappointed, cheated even, and I’m not even one of the countless people who had to pay more than $70 to find this out the hard way. – CGMagazine



A pinch of Borderlands, a splash of MOBA and a collection of diverse heroes: While solo players get bored very fast, the coop- and versus-modes deliver solid action. – 4Players.de
The cast of Battleborn is fantastic; I’ve enjoyed exploring the ins and outs of characters like the steampunk sniper Marquis and fungal healer Miko, and every time I play I’m focused on earning further access to the unique roster. However, there’s no interesting story for them to take part in, and a lack of interesting stages and multiplayer modes inspiring me to power through the slow unlocking process – IGN
Battleborn can deliver some enjoyable moments, but the lack of modes and maps, long match times, and excruciatingly slow progression combine to make the game feel like a grind more often than not. – Gamers’ Temple
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#4 Most Anticipated Video Games That Were Deserted After The Launch