The 4 Worst Modern PC Video Game Ports

when you buy a new game you generally expect it to work like advertised no matter what system you play on, but because of the vast differences between consoles and computers it can be both costly and time-consuming to make games run well on all systems, but it does not go unnoticed when developers cheap out on their game ports, sometimes developers release games filled with problems and bugs, and sometimes the ports are really bad or even unplayable.

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In the olden days the developers needed to make near perfect games to keep their fan base happy, and that is still the case with many indie developers, but with the AAA developers the story is vastly different and the cult like following won’t really care if the game is not what they wanted as long as it is made by a Company they like.

Today we explore the 4 worst modern pc ports.

1. Saints Row 2

when Saints Row 2 was released for PC it had so many problems that it was basically considered unplayable. From the game running in fast forward because of an incompatibility with PC Clock speeds to unresponsive Controls and some computers running the game at 15fps no matter what settings were used the game was a disaster.

2. Batman: Arkham Knight

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past years you have noticed  what a disaster Arkham Knight turned out to be, it is more similar to a bug simulator than an actual game, 30fps limit and bad optimization especially on AMD cards, all in all not what you would expect from an AAA studio, but exactly what you would expect when you outsource your PC ports.

3. Watch Dogs



After the impressive display at E3 players were expecting the game to be as impressive, what they did not expect was that the game had been replaced with a fancy slide show, but the people who bought the game did not like to look at a slideshow and wanted to play the game they pay for, but Ubisoft had a fix ready called “lower the settings”

eventually, the game was patched so it was playable, but support for ultra setting took time, it did not nearly live up to the hype and got a majority of bad reviews

4. Grand Theft Auto IV



Compared to Grand theft auto IV the other two games on this list are perfect, Rockstar didn’t just settle for bad optimisation and low frame rates, they made sure that the map diapers in front of your eyes and that the whole game crashed, but at least then you don’t have to see the horrible graphics, yes you heard me right, bad graphics, and not because it looks worse than any other game from that period but because it locks to low settings if your graphics card has over 3GB VRAM

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