PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds In Grand Theft Auto 5 Online?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is right now the most trending and most played video game on steam. It has already dominated every other battle royal games available on the steam and the excitement around the game is still going really strong.

Today we are not talking about PUBG though and this is just an update article. Today we are talking about Grand Theft Auto Online. Specifically, why GTA Online needs a battle royal mode, I am gonna write a new article on why GTA needs a battle royal mode soon and how it can outperform the PUBG.

I am asking you guys to comment down below on how Rockstar Games can add a Battle Royal mode into GTA Online. Meanwhile, Sonny Evans made a really good cinematic video showing how Battlegrounds can work out in GTA Online.  If you like his video then subscribe to him and give him a follow on twitter.

#PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds In Grand Theft Auto Online?