4 Worst Half-Baked Video Games Ever Made

One of the most important parts of Video game development is removing bugs and making the game flawless. But Sometimes developers have to make games according to deadlines and to follow that deadline they have to rush the production and it means less quality work and it results in “Half-Bakes” Games. Shigeru Miyamoto once said that “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad” and it is true. Today we are exploring 4 Worst half-baked video games ever made.


assasins creed unity

While its myriad of technical issues are certainly detrimental to anyone’s enjoyment, it’s the lack of ambition in reinventing its aging mechanics and tired mission design that leave Unity treading water – Thunderbolt
Finding enjoyment in Unity requires a great deal of patience, more than anyone can afford. I want to like the game, and I do to some extent, however I cannot ignore that it’s broken. And there is no patch that can ever save Unity from its tarnished image. – DarkStation

When did Assassin’s Creed become so dull, and SO BROKEN? Seriously, it’s like companies don’t even play test their games any more… Ubi is becoming the new EA which is just so sad, releasing unfinished crap and justifying stupid things like parity/sexism etc. This game is probably improved by some of the stupid bugs, which just shows what a poor effort it is. It does have some nice visuals though  – traffmeister


star wras force.jpg

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 doesn’t live up to the expectations. The graphics are stunning, but the story as well as the atmosphere are disappointing and do not justify a fully priced game. Still, it’s a must have for true Star Wars fans. – GamingXP

The Force Unleashed II isn’t a bad game, it’s just a disappointing one. There was a lot of hope and excitement for it prior to launch, but it really fell short. If you liked the original, you should play this, but frankly, a rental is probably all you need.- Digital Chumps
Star Wars the Force Unleashed II makes up for most of its predecessor flaws, and delivers some terrific action sequences. It’s a shame though that the story is simply non existent and the whole adventure lasts some 5 hours. It really seems like the developers can’t make this saga right, leaves us waiting for a new hope. – SpazioGames



 honestly can’t believe people payed $60 (+$50 for premium) for a broken BF3 downgrade. It’s essentially a beta that you pay for. In fact, it’s more broken that the beta that was released months ago. Freezing and god awful netcode makes this game unplayable. – balls

Look, I love the game, but after two corrupted save files wiping out my campaign save, I just feel cheated. There are some sections of the campaign which are mundane, I don’t mind getting through them once, even twice after the first corruption. However I never want to pay those sections again, so will never get the opportunity to complete the campaign.  – RazerN

The damn Story mode doesnt even work WHAT A JOKE ?? …the multiplayer is OK nothing special smh a disapointment , the hit detection seems horrible how can i hit someone with a sniper round and they simply dont die along with many other weapons NEEDS IMPROVEMENT – ChillionaireNW



The spyro legacy is desecrated by this uninspired “trainwreck of a game”. The developers responsible should be locked up and forced to play this glitchy, frustrating and half-baked tripe until their thumbs are bloody stumps and they have completely lost their sanity.  – RoboR.

Because Enter The Dragonfly refuses to part ways with its PS one predecessors, it feels overly familiar and overly cliche. Pros: Impressive graphics, lavish colors, and reasonable controls. Cons: All too simple and familiar gameplay, excruciatingly long load screens, and a lack of depth in imagination. – KendylKlownfish

Ah…a wonderful series RUINED. it never has been more of a flop since the Crash Bash game for the psOne. Whichever way you look at this game, its crap. The sound is horrible, the graphics are choppy and so filthy the develpers of ths game should be considered sinners, and the gameplay is even less then the very first spyro game.  – MarioM.

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#4 Worst Half-Baked Video Games Ever Made