6 Most Surprisingly Phenomenal Video Game Released In The Year 2017

2017 is an amazing year for gaming so far, With the massive game releases like Horizon Zero Dawn and Breath Of The Wild.  While 2017 has been an amazing for AAA Games there are some hidden gems. These are the games that came out of nowhere and got amazing reviews from critics and fans. We are counting down some of the best video games of 2017 that came out of nowhere.


Observer 3.jpg

A dark, unforgiving descent into one family’s darkest secrets, brilliantly stylized and exquisitely paced and acted. Hauer is in top form as the cynical, tired, end-of-the-road Detective Lazarski and Observer lives to subvert any possible genre expectations you might approach it with – Ragequit.gr

Cyberpunk is a reflection of where we’re headed as a society, an oddly alluring reality where we’ve allowed impressive technology into our lives at the cost of our humanity. This is a niche genre that needs new revisions and new pioneers so it can keep evolving as we inch closer to seeing its fictional warnings play out in real life, and Observer adds to the familiar parables in fascinating and unexpected ways. In that respect, and on so many other levels, Observer is a haunting and remarkable achievement. – GameSpot

Observer is a brilliant commingling of cyberpunk and horror. It demonstrates how interesting the game concept is and how much Bloober Team has grown. – SpazioGames


sonic mania.jpg

This is a game that will thrill long-time fans and introduce brand new ones to what Sonic is like at its very best. Far from the tone-deaf reinventions and cynical cash-ins of Sonic at its worst, this is a love-filled celebration that also proves there is life in the 25-year-old original concept yet. – The Sydney Morning Herald

With Sonic Mania, Christian Whitehead and his team have done exactly what fans have wanted for years: start with the old and incorporate the new, keeping great level design, heart-pounding music and charming art direction. Sonic’s back. – Nintendojo

Sonic Mania methodically uses its sentimental appeal to great effect, but in the process, it heals the wounds inflicted by its most disappointing predecessors and surpasses the series’ best with its smart and interpretive design. – GameSpot



Star Trek Bridge Crew won’t change the world, but it provides a stunning realization of the Star Trek franchise and brings with it an unparalleled level of immersion and VR fun. I can think of no other franchise that’s better suited to cooperative VR play than Star Trek, and Bridge Crew makes playing with strangers fun again. It also represents the ultimate in wish fulfillment. – DarkStation

The magic of Star Trek isn’t the ship, but in the crew, and Star Trek: Bridge Crew nails that mechanic perfectly. What might otherwise appear as a cold and stationary experience becomes amazing when played with friends. While the campaign isn’t as long as we were hoping, the ongoing voyages provide enough randomization to keep us busy. As I push the wobbly AI out of the airlock, allow me to heartily recommend Star Trek: Bridge Crew — it’s downright “fascinating”. – GamingTrend

If you can find some like-minded friends to join your adventures fresh out of Starfleet, Star Trek: Bridge Crew makes for a great social experience. Those that opt for a more single player experience might find themselves missing out on the magic. – Wccftech



Disc Jam has the right formula to become the next big breakout indie game and possibly even succeed as an eSport. The matchmaking will need to improve and new content delivered regularly to prevent it from becoming just a passing fad, but with a high fun factor and strategic nature, despite simplicity and accessibility, Disc Jam delivers. – Sporting News

Despite its paucity of modes, Disc Jam is still incredibly addictive and fun to play. High Horse are promising additional features in the future including characters and arenas so here’s hoping they turn Disc Jam into the more complete product that its gameplay deserves. – Video Chums

Fast, dynamic and extremely competitive, Disc Jam is absolutely entertaining, considering the few structural problems – SpazioGames


batman enemy within.jpg

The Enemy Within really begins to delve into the mind of Bruce Wayne and finds him fighting both against outside forces and his own guilt as he struggles to remain the force for good that he intended to be. I think The Riddler is the perfect villain to help get to the bottom of who Bruce is and what he is capable of doing in the name of justice as Batman. Episode One really set the bar for the rest of the season and I cannot wait to see what Telltale has in store for us next. – Gaming Age

There’s a great balance of puzzles, investigations, combat, and story progression. I wasn’t bored for a second playing Episode One of The Enemy Within, and I’m really happy about the direction they’ve gone in. Telltale Games make fantastic adventures, but it’s been a while since I’ve been blown away by them. This is just what the series needed if it’s to be successful, and after an exciting reveal at the end, I can’t wait to see what happens next. – God is a Geek

Batman: The Enemy Within opens with a fantastic episode, turning the world of Batman on its head once more with new foes and new allies that you’ll have to work with. It drags Bruce and Batman further down into the murky grey area that he inhabits, keeping players constantly guessing as to whether or not they’re doing the right thing and bringing relationships new and old into the foreground. – TheSixthAxis



Fighting titles have long been the most competitive and often hardest for new players to get into, but ARMS enters itself extremely well to the genre by feeling like nothing that has ever been played before. – Hardcore Gamer
The world where people fight with ramen noodles, DNA, and snakes shouldn’t be this much fun. It may take a while to get the hang of the controls in Arms, but the wildly inventive characters, catchy theme music, and unique gameplay style offer enough to capture the attention of casual and competitive gamers alike – EGM
Arms is a surprisingly balanced fighting game that mainly shines in it’s (online) multiplayer thanks to the huge variety in characters and boxing gear. Unfortunately, the single-player campaign offers few options. – Gamer.nl
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#6 Most Surprisingly Phenomenal Video Game Released In The Year 2017