What Made Grand Theft Auto IV So Great?

Grand Theft Auto is the biggest open world video game franchise right now and GTA is the reason why we see so many open world video games being released. In the 2000s making an open world video games was a huge risk for both developers and publishers and it was because back in the days it took a lot of money and time to make “Good” Open World game. But Rockstar Games took a huge risk and made their first open world game “GTA III” and we all know what happened after that… But today we are gonna talk GTA 4 and how it differs from every other GTA game ever released. GTA 4 I think is the game in the series which divided GTA Fans into two groups. 1 group that only cared about “FUN” and nonsense shit. 2. The group that only cared about a good story focused GTA game. Don’t want to get into this group thing let’s just get straight to the topic and discuss things that made GTA 4 so great.



Most of the people hated the GTA 4 World color palette and including many reviewers didn’t like the gray dark world atmosphere. I personally think it’s the world that makes GTA 4 so different because it perfectly fits the dark tone of Niko Bellic Background story and how he fought in the war and lost some of his close friends. Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III was also greatly executed but some things were missing due to technical limits.


The Grey Noire type filter used in GTA 4 was my favorite. Sure, it had its flaws but I think Liberty City had more personality than any other city portrayed in previous Grand Theft Auto Games even more than the Los Santos in GTA 5.


It all comes to down personal preferences at the end and I like the more Dark Tone take on Liberty City. The NPCs and random encounters were also really good and one of my favorites was the Eddie Low (Just watch his encounter and I guarantee that you won’t find a weird guy like this in whole GTA Universe)


How many Hours it took you to ride a car in GTA 5 perfectly? 10 hours? 24 hours? I am gonna guess 24 hours. Now how many days it took in GTA 4 to perfect the driving? I said Days not hours. Why? It’s because GTA 4 driving physics was much more realistic and it was really hard for beginners and that’s why so many players hated the driving system of GTA 4 because it was not arcadey like previous GTA 4 Games. It was not a real simulation driving also but it was a very good mix of both realism and arcade.

Some might argue that the braking was too bad or the suspension was not realistic. But again Rockstar Games tried to make it realistic but still kept the fun part of driving in it and maintaining that “Fun” could lead to the removal of some real life driving mechanics.

These are some of the reactions of fans on driving of GTA 4.

The reason they changed the physics was due to a vocal minority of casual gamers that bitched because they couldn’t make a turn without crashing Its the same reason why casual gamers like the arcadey Need for Speed games and hate Gran Turismo. They always complain that the cars are too slow and that they spin out to easy. They made almost every car in GTAV accelerate like they all have supercharged V8s with the weight and handling of a Mclaren F1. I honestly prefer GTA4 over GTA5 for the driving mechanics alone – Like Clockwork64

Let’s hope GTA VI will get the GTA IV driving physics again. Those were the best of the entire GTA series. – Mojo Risin

I love both GTAs, but in GTA 4 the driving is more realistic than GTA 5. – LuckStroN


We can all agree that Grand Theft Auto 5 story was the weakest in the whole franchise. Sure, the missions were good and structure and design of the mission are also really good but where it falls off is the story and how weak it felt when compared to previous games. Choosing between 3 Characters is awesome and I really like this feature but is it implemented the way it should have been? NO, and I can explain why but I will cover it in an another article.


Where as the story in GTA 4 is amazing and perfectly matches the dark tone of Liberty City and it is just not about Niko Bellic the story of the game also shows how important side characters are how they can affect the whole storyline.


Many Players also hated the aspect of maintaining a social relationship with other characters present in the game and Yes, it was annoying but it promoted the fact that side characters can meet each other and hang out even when then there is no mission.

That’s all I have to say right now but I want to know your opinions on GTA 4 and how you think it is better than other GTA Games? Or if you disagree with then hit me up in the comment section.

#What Made Grand Theft Auto IV So Great?