6 Relaxing Video Games That Can Help Chill You Out

The Majority of modern video games focuses on action and combat system, particularly in Open world video games but sometimes we need a game that can help us unwind. There’s a game for every mood but there are only a few games that help you unwind your stress and let you explore the beautiful and magnificent world developers created. Today we are counting down some of the most relaxing video games of all time.



If you aren’t entranced by mechanically shallow games like Journey, don’t bother. But if you find exploration titles even marginally interesting, Abzu is an absolute must-play – it’s the most majestic one yet. – Gameplanet

ABZÛ is a wonderful experience that follows the path of games such as Flower or Journey, where we play to feel. This is an almost perfect masterpiece which should be played by everyone. – Areajugones

Abzu is a testament to where we are with video game development and shows how diverse the medium can and should be, even if it’s not quite as emotionally resonant as it perhaps could have been. – VideoGamer



An already beautiful experience is made even more gorgeous on the PlayStation 4 — Journey is a trip worth taking. It’s a bite sized adventure that you won’t soon forget.  – Attack of the Fanboy

After three years, Journey is still the most emotional and powerful video game of the PlayStation era. Just buy it, and enjoy a better life. – Eurogamer Italy

Short but intense and especially memorable. You can not say that Journey exploit the technical capabilities of PS4, but even with those, we continue to one of those experiences that every gamer should experience once in a lifetime. – IGN Spain



David O’Reilly’s Everything is quite the experience and journey to undertake. It’s simple, yet deep. It asks you to think about ‘just being’, but encourages you to explore the thoughts and emotions of other beings in the game. It’s a lightly addictive game that will have you staring at your television for hours and leave you wanting to keep the experience alive for no particular reason other than to keep going, which could be a metaphor for any living creature struggling to know the how and why they exist. – Digital Chumps

The few hours I spent with Everything were far from wasted. It is a one-of-a-kind interactive experience that will lead most players to think long and hard about the universe and their place in it. Any game that can do that – and especially one that does it with such panache and fearless ambition – earns my stamp of approval. – Post Arcade (National Post)


everybody gone to the rapture.jpg

The Chinese Room goes back to its roots of digital storytelling, in a slow-paced sci-fi story delightfully quiet and deep. Probably less original than Dear Esther, but a wonderful and amazing experience nonetheless. – GamesVillage.it

This game would have been stronger if the world was smaller and more outspoken. But, that is just a minor thing, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture is a great game in which an interesting non-linear story is told in a unique way. Very dreamy. – Gamer.nl

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is easily one of the most immersive games I’ve ever played. – DarkStation



Firewatch is a fantastic game, it has great storytelling and believable characters. It’s one of the more refreshing gaming experiences I’ve had in years. – IGN Sweden

Whether you’re looking for several hours of mystery and drama or just a magnificent world to explore, do yourself a favor and spare a few hours of your time to experience Firewatch.  – PLAY! Zine

If you want fast paced action heavy moments, this isn’t for you. What the game does offer is mystery, intrigue and beautiful design. The game isn’t very long, but doesn’t need to be anything more as it feels compact, interesting and felt like a movie. – Brash Games


no mans sky

Its scale and sense of isolation is special. The procedural nature imbues everything in the game with a sense of life that other, better-crafted games can’t match. And it nails the emergent storytelling that I want from a survival game. – GamesBeat

No Man’s Sky is a totally new experience. All Hello Games’ promises are in the final game. The original soundtrack is awesome. It’s a spectacular journey across the universe. – Hobby Consolas

No game, film, book or otherwise has been more effectively in capturing what the experience of exploring the universe must be. Lonely, hostile and unforgiving, Hello Game’s effort works so hard to reject the convention on how games are made that it’s easy to understand why people expecting something more traditional might come away disappointed. – Digitally Downloaded

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#6 Relaxing Video Games That Can Help Chill You Out