How Grand Theft Auto Online New DLC Destroyed The Whole Game

Recently Grand Theft Auto Online had its best “Money Making” Quarter since launch. It is phenomenal to see how GTA 5 is still out performing every big AAA Game even after 4 years. The game was released in the year 2013 and since then it has been selling like Hot Cakes. With over 85 million copies sold I don’t think GTA Online will stop anytime soon. But After the latest update “Gunrunning” it really messed up the whole concept of GTA Online. Why I hate GTA Online now? These are some of the reasons I have come up with.


When GTA Online was announced back in 2013 everybody was excited because of how Diverse the online mode was gonna be and it was pretty diverse because of the freedom we get in GTA. There was everything for every kind of player. You can do Car Meets, Deathmatches, Races, Freeroaming fun, Gang Attacks and much more.  Technically you can still do all of these things but not properly.


Gunrunning DLC converted the game into a battlefield with every player destroying other players shipment using weaponized vehicles to kill low-level players and using the flying bikes that shoot rockets to destroy import/export cargo. Gunrunning update did provide us some new things but I think those new upgrades messed up the balance of free-roaming lobby. Now there is no way you can do car meets or just chill out in the car and go on a ride unless you are in an empty lobby.

Gtamen made a really good video on how Gurunning update disbalance the free-roaming lobbies.

Sharkcards was not a very big thing when GTA Online was launched and honestly, I think nobody gave a shit about “Money” in the first place in early stages of Online. Things were used to pretty cheap and even sports cars had reasonable pricing that every player could by doing some contract missions.


But Now you can’t even get a f**king haircut under $10,000 and it is crazy to see how expensive everything has gotten since the launch of Gunrunning. If you have been playing the game for a while and also if you stay active in the community you know how big of an achievement it was to have $1 million in your bank account. Now $1 Million is nothing! sure you can buy a sports car under that money but you can’t buy anything related to Gurunning DLC.

Sonny Evans also made a pretty good video on Sharkcards and how Rockstar is trying to sell more shark cards with the launch of every new DLC. (6:32 is the timestamp where he talks about “Shark Cards” but I recommend you guys to watch the full video)

I used to play GTA Online on daily basis but due to microtransaction and increase of prices in everything made me quit the game. I still play it but not regularly. If there’s anything Rockstar can do to bring me back in the game is an update where we can trade everything! not another military bullshit.

Featured image credit – “RUN GUNNING” by Cakesy82

#How Grand Theft Auto Online New DLC Destroyed The Whole Game