6 Phenomenal Video Games Released In The Year 2001


Check out the best games released in the year 2000. In this series, I compile some of the greatest games released in last 17 years. We have started from 2000 and will end the series in the year 2017. Counting down the best of the best video games released in those years.

So without any further a do let’s head right into best video game released in 2001. New article will be posted tomorrow covering the best games released in 2002



Liberty City looks phenomenal and there’s plenty of life and atmosphere that impresses. The different textures, solid framerate and incredible diversity make this one of the most impressive PS2 games yet. – Cinescape

An insanely deep game that offers a lot to do outside of the 70+ missions. If you understand that it’s just a game and that these selfsame actions are not healthy in the real world, you’ll enjoy a well-developed world disguised as a deviously fun game. – Into Liquid Sky

A remarkable achievement of proportions we never imagined possible. It has single-handedly changed the way we see all videogame entertainment and the repercussions it should have for the industry are staggering. In one fell swoop your entire games collection has become obsolete, all other games seeming pathetic attempts to waste your time. – TotalGames.net



You leave the experience a little different, and, like a girl that’s been burned too many times entering what looks like a good relationship, you leave a little wary as well. You know you’ve been treated well; you don’t feel the scars and scabs that other games have left you with. – PC Gameworld

At times MP is more movie than game, with stunning camera angles, jarring replays and an involved plot that not only moves the storyline along, it sets the tone for a hardcore action experience. – Gamezilla!

A stunning techincal (gameplay) achievement that may be lacking a decent script to truly lead the way into the era of interactive PC movies. – ActionTrip



A memorable, fantastic adventure that falls short in key areas that could have benefited from fine-tuning—namely control tweaks and unpolished graphics…The last must-have title of 2001. – GamePro
Great thing number two…is the ability to switch your characters in and out of battle at will. This is a tremendous step forward for the series as it fills in holes that we gamers had to come up with workarounds for previously. – Gaming Age
It features a game system rich enough to challenge and enthrall any experienced gamer, and Fantasy sublime enough to draw in the most hardened doubter of videogames. – Electric Playground



Easily the most addictive game I have played this year on either console or computer and would be a welcome addition to any adventure gamer’s collection. – Just Adventure

The atmosphere of the castle is added to both by the superb sound and pacing of the game. The mellow speed of the game means that while there is the odd moment of button-hammering terror, most often you have time to sit back and rubberneck at the environments around you. – Computer and Video Game

Though the shortness of a game may sound like a flaw, it’s really not. In ICO’s case, a longer length would have made the game quite tiresome as puzzle solving & pulling the girl from he pits of hell could tend to get a bit repetitive. – Gaming Maxx



Shenmue II literally is 5 times the game Shenmue: Chapter 1 is…an incredible experience for me, from start to finish. The core gameplay formula isn’t much different from the first game, just packed with more action and improvements. – Gaming Age

The big improvement for me is that everything is a lot less linear then before; it really does feel that your actions directly influence Ryo’s progress through the adventure. – Total Video Games

Shenmue II is so much better than its predecessor, refining nearly every aspect of the original. It’s a polished game that serves as a showcase for the DC and the evolution of the RPG genre, and fans should definitely find a way to play it. – GameSpot



You’ll be more impressed that you can make Snake stare lecherously at a centerfold poster one minute, only to have him pop out and choke someone to death the next. – Maxim Online

If you’re wearing body armor just before you start a new part of the plot, you’ll see your character wearing it in the cut-scene as well. I feel that this effect really adds to the suspension of disbelief in MGS2 and helps it be that much more impressive. – Gamezilla!

Aside from the over-abundance of movies and com-link chatter, there is a really great game hidden on this DVD. The freedom to explore and ultimately play this game as you see fit within the confines of the parameters of the script is a great feature that offers excellent replay potential. – Game Chronicles

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#6 Phenomenal Video Games Released In The Year 2001