4 Worst Open World Video Games Ever Made

Open Worlds video games are often considered as most detailed video game genre and it is true because if you have played a good open world video game you will notice just how detailed everything can be. Witcher 3 is the prime example when it comes to detailed and amazing open world games and it truly achieves everything that an open world video games need. We always talk about good Open world games and but we never talked about the OW games that failed miserably. Today we are counting down some of the worst Open World video games ever made.



We take the role of Christopher Raven, who became a pirate captain after his family… ah, screw it. The game is terrible. I say that as a guy who honestly tried to become enamored of it for a week straight. – Game World Navigator Magazine

Raven’s Cry has very few redeemable qualities. Despite having the potential to be the ultimate pirate adventure, and the inclusion of a ton of features, it’s not very fun to play and has quite a few technical issues. – Attack of the Fanboy

Raven’s Cry is an embodiment of the term “wasted opportunity”. On the basis of a great atmosphere and some interesting ideas there grew a game making an awful first impression, a game full of bugs and a wobbly gameplay. Right now Raven’s Cry isn’t worth its price tag but don’t forget about it – after some patches and a significant price drop it should be playable. – GRYOnline.pl



The years of changes of direction and publishers didn’t leave the shooter unscathed. The stealth mechanics are superficial, the AI comfortably dumb and even the visuals are not up to par. Which is even worse considering that you’ll encounter the occasional tense moment, where you feel what this revolution could have been. – 4Players.de

imply put, Homefront: The Revolution is outclassed in its bracket by every other big-budget game released this generation. And that’s without getting into how shockingly shit the PC version is…This game made me feel unwell, it bored me to tears, and it irritated the piss out of me. Also, it has co-op. – The Jimquisition

Homefront: The Revolution is a mediocre FPS that squanders an intriguing concept, but worst of all the game is not fun to play and overwrought with repetition. – Game Rant


assasins creed unity

Finding enjoyment in Unity requires a great deal of patience, more than anyone can afford. I want to like the game, and I do to some extent, however I cannot ignore that it’s broken. And there is no patch that can ever save Unity from its tarnished image. – DarkStation

Assassin’s Creed Unity may be an incredible piece of architecture, but that’s sadly all it is. – Digital Trends

While its myriad of technical issues are certainly detrimental to anyone’s enjoyment, it’s the lack of ambition in reinventing its aging mechanics and tired mission design that leave Unity treading water. – Thunderbolt



Even if you forgive the flimsy story, cliché characters, and derivative gameplay, it’s impossible to look past the myriad game-stopping bugs, frustrating glitches, and glaring technical problems that plague this game. – GameSpot
It’s remarkable that Luxoflux, developer of True Crime: New York City, managed to take such a huge step backwards in the three years since the release of the first game. – Game Power Australia
If I was to offer you a game that freezes up, crashes, clips graphics all day long, slows down to sub-10fps frequently, can corrupt your save game file and wipe out hours of play at random, and then ask you for £40 for the pleasure – you’d either laugh at me or hit me. I don’t particularly see the difference in what’s happening here. – RewiredMind
True Crime: New York City replicates the over-the-top violence and goofy sexuality of GTA, but trashes that series’ friendly interface, gorgeous environment, and dependable physics. If there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s that what made GTA so enjoyable weren’t the mature themes, but the execution.
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#4 Worst Open World Video Games Ever Made