The Most Realistic Grand Theft Auto 5 Graphics Mod

A New Trailer for a graphics mod for Grand Theft Auto 5 just dropped. And Before you watch the video I would recommend to switch up the settings to 1080p for better viewing.

NaturalVision is probably the best graphical enhancement mod for GTA 5 I have seen. There is countless GTA 5 graphics mod available and they do make the game look better than the original but none of the previous mods come nowhere near the NaturalVision.

NaturalVision has numerous environmental changes to ambient colors, lighting, tone mapping, and the weather has been implemented to great effect.

If you watch the video there are some scenes which are hard to differ whether it is GTA 5 Or real life. I know it sounds really nonsensical but the mod makes the game look absolutely gorgeous.

Razed (Creator Of The Mod) looked at over 40 hours of video footage, researched various areas of Los Angeles and the Salton Sea, and poured over “hundreds of photos” to accomplish what you’ll see in the video below which was made while the update was in development.


“The aesthetic behind NaturalVision Remastered was inspired by Forza Horizon 3, Watch Dogs, GTA 5, and a variety of other games,” Razed states in the mod’s description (thanks, PC Gamer). “Numerous ambient details were taken from those titles and reproduced in GTAV’s various weathers.

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#The Most Realistic Grand Theft Auto 5 Graphics Mod