6 Greatest Video Games Released In The Year 2000


I am really happy to announce this new series and it is definitely a thing that you guys will surely enjoy! In this series, i am gonna compile some of the greatest games released in last 17 years. We will start from 2000 and will end the series in the year 2017. Counting down the best of the best video games released in those years.

So without any further a do let’s head right into best video game released in 2000. New article will be posted tomorrow covering the best games released in 2001




Magnificent. Until now, GoldenEye was arguably the best reason for gamers over the age of 16 to own a Nintendo 64. No longer. – Electric Playground
It’s multiplayer is, by far, the best on Nintendo 64. The Single Player is epic and addicting.- Nintendophiles
Better than “GoldenEye 007” in every aspect, making it the best first-person shooter at the time of its release. With much deeper Solo Missions and a completely customizable Combat Simulator, Perfect Dark definitely was worth the wait. – All Game Guide



Majora’s Mask is, withouht a doubt, a magnum opus of epic proportions. It may not be as great as “Ocarina of Time,” but it gets as close as it possibly can. One of Nintendo’s greatest. – Nintendophile
Where Majora rises to the top is its concept – three days to save the world. The execution of the idea is flawless: time means everything and the player always has to be aware. The save system is absolutely perfect, letting players feel comfortable in controlling time but still keeping them on the edge of their seats when things get hairy. – Nintendorks

It drew me into the world of Clock Town unlike any game I’ve played before, including “Ocarina.” This could be the last truly legendary title for the Nintendo 64. –



Pushing the humble PSone to its absolute limits, Square have done the impossible and actually improved on FFVIII’s visuals. – Games Radar
But for the feel of nostalgia bolstered by the still-capable technology of the PlayStation, this game can make you feel actual delight–something that’s tough to do in these cynical times. – Happy Puppy
Final Fantasy could go on forever re-creating its particular spin on the traditional heroic quest, and it would be a success every single time, but I can’t help feeling as if something that features this kind of majestic visual craftsmanship ought to host a story built with equal care – IGN



Outstanding writing combined with a good plot, plenty of content, beautiful graphics, and an engrossing soundtrack place Baldur’s Gate II alongside some of the best role-playing games ever created. – Computer Games Magazine
Astounding graphics, sound, and storytelling combine to make the definitive fantasy RPG epic, one that will enthrall players for years to come. – Adrenaline Vault
Great quests, solid story, very good voice acting, challenging battles, and engaging dialogue and characters make this an RPG that stands head and shoulders above the competition. – Armchair Empire
Epic in scope and delivery and should not be avoided by anyone, novice or veteran. This is most certainly my pick for RPG game of the year. – GameSpy



The uniqueness of the game, the sound, graphics and the ability to control a little Sim life hooked me almost immediately. – GamePro
The game isn’t just addictive, it’s downright dangerous. – IGN
Never before have I played a game as compelling as The Sims. This game will provide you with emotional experiences that you could never imagine from a video game. – GamePen
Original, amusing addictive, and most of all incredibly fun and relaxing to play. If we only had more great ideas like these… – ActionTrip

COUNTER STRIKEcounter strile.jpg

This is the “Rosemary’s Baby” of video games, a video-offspring of demonic potential…the best multi-player game of 2000, bar none. – Game Revolution
Exciting, fun, addictive – Counter-Strike is an awesome game, but I’d recommend buying Half-Life Game of the Year Edition then simply downloading CS rather than purchasing this more limited release. – GamerWeb PC
A heart-pounding, visceral experience that gets under your skin. The “just one more round” addiction factor is very high. When you play it properly, with team work that clicks like a well-oiled machine, the game offers a sense of accomplishment and comradery that is simply amazing. – Computer Games Magazine
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#6 Greatest Video Games Released In The Year 2000