4 Darkest & Twisted Video Game Storylines Of All Times

Some Gamers play video games to explore worlds they can’t do in real life or some players play games to challenge themselves. But Some play to embrace their selves into a dark world that contains awful enemies and greedy storylines. It is really similar to how humans watch Horror movies even though they hate them. These are some of the darkest and twisted video game storyline of all time.



From the inexplicable sobbing of an unseen child in a blood-stained school hall to the loud rattling of an invisible “something” underneath the floorboards that you’re standing on, the game never sinks into predictability. Imagine all of this while never quite being able to see past arm’s length into the darkness. – IGN

Flawed, yes, ambitious definitely – Silent Hill is a whole new experience adding to the challenge of “Resident Evil 2,” while maintaining what it set out to do… drain you psychologically and scare you shitless! – TotalGames.net

One of the most successfully unnerving elements is the game’s lighting… It was that effect, much more than any fearsome creature, which made me leave a hall light on one night after playing it – GameSpot


dead space 2.jpg

 Forget coffee, Coke or Red Bull. If you never ever want to sleep again, then there’s just one thing for you: Dead Space 2! You will be captivated, shocked and frightened right away from the beginning. – GamingXP

Take away the interface tweaks and improved mechanics behind how Isaac moves and feels, and examine the overall structure, you don’t have a “good game and then a better game,” you have two different games: a creepy sci-fi horror game with some damn good action versus a damn good sci-fi shooter with some creepy parts. – 1UP
Many horror games are able to deliver shocks during play, but none does it as well as Dead Space 2. Isaac’s inner struggle in the tense setting of “Sprawl” provides an unforgettable atomsphere, making Dead Space 2 one of the most terrifying and unmissable horror games this generation and the benchmark for others to follow. – RealGamer



Heavy Rain isn’t just a masterpiece; it’s an ingenious step in the right direction…This may very well be the most “human” game ever made, and an absolute triumph for the industry. Take from that what you will. – PSX Extreme
The presentation for Heavy Rain is nearly flawless with some stunning mo-cap work, not only for overall character movement and subtle character traits and idle animations, but also in the detailed facial capture and lip-synch. – Game Chronicles
The excitement and emotion the experience playing Heavy Rain conveys is nothing short of remarkable making it a game that you definitely should pick up for your PS3. – Da Gameboyz



A solid third-person shooter that delivers intense action and a compelling setting, but relies too much on established mechanics, rather than delivering something new. The story however really stands out – a grim and challenging reflection on violence is something you won’t find in any typical shooter. Fortunately it’s also missing that dull patriotism you’ve come to expect from today’s military action games. – PC Games
A big surprise among military shooters. Spec Ops will present you a dark story that’s opposing the well-known clichés of the other military games. It’s a pity, however, that the action part doesn’t go along with the game’s storytelling. – Games.cz
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#4 Darkest & Twisted Video Game Storylines Of All Times