4 Cult Classic Video Games That Must Be Remastered/Remade

The Huge Sucess of Crash Bandicoot Remake and other several remasters prove that gamers like to play remakes of classic games. Whether they play it just because of nostalgia or some gamers play remakes because they never played the original. Whatever the reason is but we know everyone loves a good remake. Making a remake is sure a tough job because developers have the responsibility to maintain the reputation of the original game. Some nailed it (N. Sane Trilogy) and some didn’t (Conker Bad Fur Day). Today we are listing down 4 cult classic video games that must be Remade.



Adding to the story is some of the best voice acting to ever come to a videogame. The entire cast did an absolutely top-notch performance. – Armchair Empire

A Solid story, inventive gameplay mechanisms, both third and first person views, a slew of spy equipment, awesome weapons, unique emotional plot and stealth make MGS one of PlayStation’s greatest games ever. – PSX Nation

Its diminished length and excessive no-interactive plot hold it back from truly reaching the highest plateau. Still, this is a must have for any PSX library and a ton of fun. – Game Revolution

To accompany the breathtaking graphics is a soundtrack of pure extravagance, and it does wonders to heighten the action and suspense, we can tell you. – TotalGames.net


deus ex.jpg

If you’re looking for one of those rare experiences that affects your mind, body and soul in ways only the greatest of releases can, look no further than “Deus Ex” — it will consume you. – Adrenaline Vault

An amazingly well put together role playing adventure that is easily one of the first candidates for game of the year. – Gaming Age
You’ll come away from Deus Ex with the sense that you could actually be a real anti-terrorist agent in UNATCO. Well, maybe. I wouldn’t advise quitting your day job. –  GameSpy
Every time your character is killed and you restart the game, you have to sit through a seemingly endless series of movies that re-establish the plot. – Cincinnati Enquirer



The massive amount of new features sets this game miles apart from “GTA: 3” – everything from interior locations, the combat, the graphics to the car handling has been improved, making this into a totally brilliant game. – Total Video Games

No excuses, you’re gonna have to buy this. Unless you don’t own a PS2, in which case, get out of our Internet! – Stuff

Provides just about everything you’d want in a follow-up to an outstanding game. It’s bigger, badder, and better in almost every imaginable way. – GameSpot

A broader, deeper, and more addictive version of the brilliance found in its predecessor. And while it isn’t quite perfect and the graphics show some age, it’s clearly one of the best games released in 2002. –



Shenmue II literally is 5 times the game Shenmue: Chapter 1 is…an incredible experience for me, from start to finish. The core gameplay formula isn’t much different from the first game, just packed with more action and improvements. – Gaming Age

The big improvement for me is that everything is a lot less linear then before; it really does feel that your actions directly influence Ryo’s progress through the adventure. – Total Video Games

Shenmue II is so much better than its predecessor, refining nearly every aspect of the original. It’s a polished game that serves as a showcase for the DC and the evolution of the RPG genre, and fans should definitely find a way to play it. – GameSpot

#4 Cult Classic Video Games That Must Be Remastered/Remade