4 Most Underrated Video Game Masterpiece Of All Time

Masterpiece is a word that’s not often used for games only in certain cases like Horizon Zero Dawn, Breath Of The Wild, Witcher 3. A Video game is considered as a masterpiece when it perfectly executes every element of the game. Sometimes a game gets outstanding reviews from critics and fans but it just does not make it into sale charts or trending box of mainstream gaming. Today we are covering some of the games that were considered as a masterpiece upon their launch but never made it into big leagues.


last guardian

The Last guardian is indeed suffering from some technical and control input issues, but its warm, beautiful adventure filled with countless touching moments is something we’ll never forget for the rest of our lives. The Last Guardian is not just a game, it’s an absolute work of art. – BaziCenter

The Last Guardian is not perfect, but those issues are nothing compared to its wonderful gameplay and its beautiful setting. This game and its soundtrack will live forever in the gaming world. – Areajugones

Despite an appalling technical aspect with camera troubles and a wacky handling, The Last Guardian is a very good story-based puzzle game that makes you feel immersed in the relationship between the boy and Trico. – JeuxActu

A heartwarming story, a mysterious world, and a slowly-growing bond between two unlikely companions ensure that fans of Team Ico’s past work won’t be disappointed. Clunky controls and a handful of graphical issues, however, mean that The Last Guardian may not be an enjoyable game for everyone—though, either way, Trico is adorable. – EGM



Okami’s single player campaign is one of the most ambitious we’ve ever seen, and with its score of collectible items, trees to save and animals to feed as well as characters you like and a story you’ll want to revisit, this is a game you could easily wind up playing twice or thrice. – Game Revolution

The replay value for this game is immense as the storyline, sidequesting, and searches for those really rare items just never gets old. – My Gamer

Okami’s stunning good looks give it the appearance of a cross between a cartoon and a traditional Japanese ink-and-watercolor painting, and perhaps best of all, the game keeps going and going for much longer than most other games like it. – GameSpot



There’s a linear story being told, but i never felt like I was being funneled down a straight path. I never felt restraints from where I could go or what I could explore. Even the world barriers are disguised in such a way, thanks to the map design, that it all feels natural. – PSNStores

What was perhaps one of the best games from last year makes its console debut with style, complete with a visual overhaul that only makes this re-release more appealing. –  We Got This Covered

Along with an interesting story and superb atmosphere The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a memorable experience. – 3DJuegos



With an intriguing Story mode, addicting Arcade battles, and a Challenge mode that truly puts you to the test, it’s no secret that the key features that made “GoldenEye” such a hit leaked its way into the TimeSplitters world. – TotalPlayStation

As a PS2 shooter it’s the best I’ve ever played – I can’t emphasize that point enough. – GameShark

This gleeful variety is ultimately what gives TimeSplitters 2 most of its staying power. – GameCritics

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#4 Most Underrated Video Game Masterpiece Of All Time