7 Types Of Players We Meet In Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online has one of the biggest community in online gaming. It might not be the best but still, the average daily player count is around 65,000 which tremendous for a game that is 4 years old. GTA Online is a community where we meet all kind of players. I personally play GTA Online almost every day and I have met all kinds of crazy players. Whether it is that trash talker that f**cked your mom 2 days ago or the try-hard player that kills himself more than you do.

Pyrealm gaming made a skit on how we encounter different kinds of player in the game. It is very good video! it is a must watch for GTA Online Fans.

I love Pyrealm gaming and he is the only GTA Youtuber I watch and I am glad I am a part of his small community. The amount of effort he puts in his videos is amazing and we can’t deny how he fabulous he sounds. PRG if you are reading this all I want to say is “I FREAKING LOVE YOUR CONTENT”

#7 Types Of Players We Meet In Grand Theft Auto Online