4 Most Overrated Video Game Of This Generation

Sometimes Critics and die hard fans can be wrong. Overrated is a term used for things that are considered are too good than they actually are. There are many games that have an image of being overrated and today we are covering some of the most overrated video games ever made.



Calling this game a huge disappointment is putting it mildly. As someone who’s a big fan of all the previous God of War games I went into this game fully expecting to love it. It’s the same formula the series has been using since the first game, just without all of the awesomeness that made those games so great to play – TheQuietGamer

Now that the dust has setlled since the release of GOWIII, let’s have some Emperor’s New Clothes moments and state the unspoken obvious… it’s a well-crafted technical experience marred by awful voice-acting and a boring story – SoGayGames

A game filled with brute force and gore fights. The production is amazing (graphics, music) and the game is full of clever ideas, but the action is repetitive and becomes boring at times. – Pier


alien isolation

Alien: Isolation desperately tries to give us something fearsome and memorable. But the inconsistent approach leads to periods of tedium thankfully interrupted by flashes of unmitigated terror. If you can revel in the highs and forge through the lows, you should emerge satisfied. If, on the other hand, you’re more sensitive to design, control and mechanical issues, you’ll be a bit harsher on the game. – PSX Extreme

When the game works, it is head and shoulders above any other title that uses the license. When it fails, however, it descends into frustration and tedium. – Worth Playing

Padding is Alien: Isolation’s unfortunate undoing, as there are a few too many recycled moments throughout the course of its seemingly never-ending single player campaign. Still, when it’s on form, this is a nail biting affair, as you use sound and cunningly constructed items in order outwit your incredibly intelligent enemies. – Push Square



This isn’t the step forward I expected, though. Here we are, the first Bethesda game on a new hardware generation, and I can’t help feeling like we’ve regressed—like Fallout 4 really is Oblivion-with-guns. A decade later, it certainly makes many of the same mistakes. – PCWorld
Fallout 4 stands out admirably as a generic (but still fun) Open-World/Sandbox game in a Post-Apocalyptic setting. It’s the “Fallout” and “RPG” elements in it that are found quite lacking, with over-simplified Skill and Dialogue systems, shallow quest design, and almost no meaningful choices/consequences whatsoever. – Ragequit.gr
Fallout 4 is best appreciated over time. Play it for ten hours and the game will likely feel underwhelming. Play it for fifty then see if you can stop yourself from playing it for fifty more. – Washington Post



the game just isn’t that great, how on earth IGN give is 9.7/10 and game informer 10/10, I’ve played 5 hours so far, and in that 5 hours, there are about 30 minutes of actual game play, the rest is hitting X after every sentence. I don’t understand how every review i’ve read besides this one, gives us 90% plus, but 4/5 is still too high to me. – merryinc

I’ve never played a Persona game before but decided to give this a chance because a friend of mine really insisted. I’m not a fan of turn based RPG, but since there is the weakness/critical twist and baton passes and what not I actually enjoyed it. All the menus are absurdly stylish. The story is pretty interesting and deep. The soundtrack is amazing. – ShinGlacier

I got about 40 hours into the game before deciding to trade it in. Honestly, it got boring hours earlier. The game is repetitive after the first 10 hours or so. Dungeons are the same, fights are the same, choices are the same… even the music is the same.  – Darcsun