4 Greatest Western-Themed Video Games Ever Made

We don’t see Western video games as much we see FPS Or any other gaming genre for that matter. Western is a hard theme to tackle when it comes to gaming. The most important of them being the gameplay and mechanics that fit in the timeline between 1800-1900s. Only a few games have properly executed a well-made story and solid gameplay mechanics one of them being the masterpiece RDR. I am really excited for RDR2 even though we have not seen any gameplay footage, I am still sure that this will be the best rockstar game. Today in the excitement of RDR2 we are counting down the best Western-Themed games ever made.



The core gameplay is very refined and every aspect of the presentation is top-notch. If the game was a bit longer, there really wouldn’t be anything to complain about. – PGNx Media

At least if you do take in everything the game has to offer on the first sitting, you’ll easily feel like you’ve had a fulfilling experience, but unlike a GTA game, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll come back for more once you’ve finished. – Jolt Online Gaming UK

You’ve got a rich and compelling narrative, a twitch-happy gun mechanic, and a big landscape in which to explore. On the other hand, the controls are loose and a little sloppy, the targeting perimeter around each character is way too big and forgiving, so it’s easy to be a bad shooter, and the vast landscape doesn’t have much in it. – IGN



Stranger’s Wrath is insidious. Few games have so thoroughly hooked me and absolutely compelled me to play for way too many hours while neglecting all other responsibilities. It offers such a mix of modern game genres that pretty much everybody will find something to love and many, like myself, will find a lot to love. – GameShark

Quite possibly the best single player experience available on the Xbox. Outstripping even the mighty “Halo,” it is fresh, unique, and unparalleled in its innovation of the genre. – Talk Xbox

While Stranger’s Wrath doesn’t really break new ground it does present players with a much different Oddworld experience then we’ve become used to. The way in which the gameplay blurs the various genres it pulls from is a nice touch that keeps things from becoming too straight forward. – TeamXbox


Desperados_box_cover_design (2).jpg

What makes it great is the fantastic level design and AI, the solid cut-scenes and storyline, the inventive character abilities and the fact that the designers have squeezed so much into it. – Yahoo!

It’s got a great setting, suitable music, familiar characters, and enough challenge for the stoutest player. However, if you’re easily frustrated you may want to think before making this purchase. – Armchair Empire

The reason the score isn’t higher is because in the second mission of the game I found the subject matter of race not too politically correct for the times we live in. Other than that, this game is as pretty and fun as those vivacious saloon gals that I love so much. – Gamezilla!



RDR is a phenomenal game that stands out as one of the year’s best. The utmost attention to detail is apparent in every aspect, and is something that no gamer should miss. – GamerNode

Red Dead Redemption is more than a great western, it’s the first time this type of game has been successfully recreated for a home game console. – Gaming Nexus

Red Dead Redemption performs very well on all fronts and has little to no mistakes. This game is a must have for fans of the sandbox genre. – XGN

Red Dead takes a familiar recipe, adds a skilful blend of western elements, and the result is something really rather special. Easily the best Wild West game to date. –  RealGamer

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