Why Cheat Codes Are Not Present In Modern Video Games Anymore?

Remember the time when you have to go your friend’s house or cyber cafe just to get a piece of paper with cheat codes written on it? What was the last time you go to your friend’s house for cheat codes? Exactly! it does not happen anymore and no the internet is a not reason. Today in modern gaming one thing is slowly becoming extinct and that is “Cheat Codes”

When I was 8 I used to play GTA Vice City a lot and I played that game just because of those crazy cheat codes I got from my friend. Since after that there were countless Games I used to write cheat codes on. Whether it is Infinite money or just a code to blow cars up. Are cheats codes getting replaced by Microtransacntion? Gameranx made an awesome video showing why cheatĀ codes are not popular anymore.

#Why Cheat Codes Are Not Present In Modern Video Games Anymore?