Multiplayer Co-op Mode In Legend Of The Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Ever Imagined to play Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild with your friend? Well, now you can. Sort of

Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild gave one of the greatest single player experiences in gaming history. Even though the game is amazing in solo mode what if you can complete the journey with your friends?


New Screenshots of the mod appeared on Reddit running on CEMU (WII U PC Simulator). On  REGN8 Discord server Fooni posted some photos of BOTW multiplayer mode. The mod will allow you to play the game in co-op mode.

According to the creators of this mod, it will take at least a year to completely finish it and it is a long time. But you waited 5-6 years for BOTW why not 1 more year for the co-op mode?

legend of zelda.png

The mod looks really cool I am just hoping Nintendo to not take it down but probably they will take it down sometime in future. I still have few question regarding how this will work. Is it gonna be split screen? Online Co-op? Local Multiplayer modes?

But none the less I am happy to see these modders doing something innovative with the game. Making mods like these take a lot of time and work. Show those guys some support and join their discord server for more updates.

#Multiplayer Co-op Mode In Legend Of The Zelda Breath Of The Wild