The Most Elegant Looking Keyboard You Should Buy Right Now

While the typewriter had a great run in the history of writing but in the late eighties It was replaced by word processor and then into PC keyboards and the mainstream media has ever since made writing anything from novel to a text message but there is one keyboard that I have been using for almost a month now and it is the most beautifully well-crafted keyboard I have used in my life.


the most important thing to notice in this keyboard is its design. While every keyboard company is jumping on to RGB lights and mechanical keys and other futuristic stuff. AZIO nostalgic approach to this keyboard is great. While most of the keyboard is the same as one would expect with the two piece frame adjustable feet at the back a 104 key layout and use of mechanical switches. MK retro is something that you wouldn’t expect from every keyboard manufacturer AZIO really did Nail the feeling of whole 1980s Typewriters.


MK retro design is so appealing that if you just keep it on your desk and if someone comes in your office or your room They will definitely going to look on the keyboard rather than anything else in the room.


Whenever I review a product there are two things that I look forward to the most and that build quality and Design. MK retro really did a great job on handling and balancing those two things together.

The keyboard design is so beautiful that I would keep it in a showcase rather than using it on my desk. I am amazed by the design and build quality AZIO has achieved with MK retro.


Even though the typing experience on this keyboard is not so great I would almost say that it is one of the worst keyboards I’ve ever used when it comes to typing. I know a lot of people are going to hate on me on this one because on one hand I am calling it the best keyboard and on the other hand I am calling it the worst. When it comes to typing experience it all comes down to personal preference and personally, i didn’t like the typing.

I like this keyboard aesthetically but I hate this keyboard technically


So, at the end would I recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a new keyboard. Well, honestly it depends on the consumer because like I said it is a keyboard that is not made for everyone it is only for a specific audience.


If you are looking forward to buying a keyboard that does all the basic stuff and gives you the feeling of typewriter then I would highly recommend MK Retro because of the beautiful design and the amazing build quality and the luxurious feeling that you will get while using it.


On the other hand, if you are someone that does not care about the design of the keyboard and just care about the typing experience then I would say it’s not for you because if you are not interested in the design of the keyboard then there is basically no reason to spend $99 on a keyboard.

so at the end “Does it Suck”? Hell No. Is it worth it? Yes!



Review Unit Provided by AZIO

#The Most Elegant Looking Keyboard You Should Buy Right Now