4 Most Atmospheric Video Games Of All TIme

I recently watched the Blade Runner Movie and I love it! I now know why it became an instant classic and also why everybody seems to love that movie. There is something special about the movie and NO I am not talking about characters or storylines. I am talking about the atmosphere the beautiful direction that showed the world of Blade Runner in a unique way. Watching Blade Runner made me think about video games that have the best atmosphere. In early stages of gaming a black background is all you need to set an atmosphere but now in 2017, you can look at the games and how they have evolved. Now the eyes of a video game character are more detailed than the whole games used to be. Today we are counting down the best atmospheric video games of all time.



This game is a true masterpiece, comparable to only a handful of incredible games…The gamer who has the patience and courage to plunge into the game will, without a doubt, find a truly wonderful experience, of such impact that it will live in his or her memory forever – Just RP

These battles are INSPIRED. Seriously. Take your favorite boss fight from each of your favorite games, and imagine them mashed together into one incredibly breathtaking environment that requires you to think, explore, and ultimately act – Gaming Age

Everything that an epic adventure needs to be. Memorable enemies, a story that allows the player to use their imagination, tight controls, and one of the most impressive soundtracks of recent note. – RewiredMind



I walked into my experience of Mafia II with no real expectations other than hearing my colleague’s praise. What I walked away with after playing through the story was a sense of awe and amazement that I haven’t had since Alan Wake. – Game Chronicles

Mafia II has a good plot, rude, violent and with a wonderful narrative. But Mafia II is also a good action where the adventure and the free roaming create the perfect gameplay mix all together with the fast shooting and the realism of the driving sequence. – Multiplayer.it

Flaws and linear nature taken into account, Mafia II is a beautiful, gripping, engaging game-and where it doesn’t allow you to go is more than made up for by where it does. – Game Revolution



The massive amount of new features sets this game miles apart from “GTA: 3” – everything from interior locations, the combat, the graphics to the car handling has been improved, making this into a totally brilliant game. – Total Video Games

Provides just about everything you’d want in a follow-up to an outstanding game. It’s bigger, badder, and better in almost every imaginable way. – GameSpot

A broader, deeper, and more addictive version of the brilliance found in its predecessor. And while it isn’t quite perfect and the graphics show some age, it’s clearly one of the best games released in 2002. – GameSpy

There’s not really a grand innovation to the gameplay, and the concept of seeing how much havoc you can cause hasn’t changed much from the last game. – Cinescape



BioShock is on the same par as those great classic films that have won awards for years and this one will for the video game industry. The combination of a great story and fantastic gameplay with wonderful scenery has been so well created into an all around well crafted game that it would be a shame to miss out on playing it – Game Chronicles

It meshes impressive graphics with an inventive gameplay system, and uses them to push an amazing story in a refreshingly unique setting. Unless you faint at the sight of blood or you absolutely despise FPS games, you should consider this game a must buy – Digital Entertainment News
Everyone will play it differently, and have a different experience. Some like myself will find it drenched in tension and atmosphere, having run into many a situation where the poop was scared out of me. Others, like a friend of mine, will claim that its intuitiveness, combative freedom, and creativity puts it above the spiritual predecessor “System Shock 2,” and wonder at how convincing the whole affair can be. – Gaming Age
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#4 Most Atmospheric Video Games Of All TIme