Why And How Bethesda Is Milking Skyrim So Much?

Elders Scroll is one of the best video games ever made. Every game in the franchise has its own special place in every gamer’s heart. From Morrowind to Oblivion there are countless hours spent on these games around the globe. In 2011 Bethesda released their most ambitious game “Skyrim”. The fifth game in the series took the gaming world by storm when it was released and became an instant classic. We now have Witcher 3 and Breath Of The Wild but we still compare every new RPG Game to Skyrim because of how it raised the bar for Open Word RPG in the first place. But there is a time of every game when it needs to stop and it seems that Bethesda does not want to stop with Skyrim. Releasing the game for every platform, remastering it for various consoles, making VR Mode and more. It seems that Todd Howard can’t handle the success of Skyrim anymore. Gameranx made a video on how Bethesda is Milking Skyrim.

#Why And How Bethesda Is Milking Skyrim So Much?