6 Addicting Video Games We Cannot Resist Ourselves To Play Again

For a gamer, it’s an easy task to play latest games and complete those games in under a week. It is pretty simple for everyone who plays video games on a daily basis. What everyone does after that? They get new games obviously. But it is not the case every time and there are some games which we have already played and finished it several times but when we get our hands on them we cannot resist to play them again. The game that I cannot resist to play every time is GTA San Andreas and it is still one of my favorite games. Whenever I see GTA San Andreas on steam or any other online store I just pick it up without even seeing the price tag. There’s just something special about going to back Grove Street and installing silly mods just for laugh and giggles. Today PlayStation Access uploaded a video counting down 6 video games that we cannot say NO to.

#6 Addicting Video Games We Cannot Resist Ourselves To Play Again