Worst Playstation 4 Exclusives That Sony Wants You to Forget About

When it comes to exclusives PlayStation 4 is dominating the competition. Games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, Last of us and more made PS4 a must buy. Sony has really shown and proved that PS4 Is the superior console when it comes to Exclusives with the support of amazing first party developers. But everything is not perfect and there are some bad exclusives games for PS4 that Sony really wants you to forget about.



As a launch title for a new console Knack will probably not satisfy anyone. It’s not a total disaster but it’s a bad uninspired game, lacking both variety and interesting game design. – Level7.nu

Knack is boring, frustrating and visually shallow: one of the worst launch titles in PlayStation history. – IGN Italia

Knack, while conceptually interesting, never rises above being an OK platformer without any real positive memorable aspects, but plenty of frustrating ones. If you’ve ever wondered what a tech demo turned into a full-fledged game would be like, Knack is—or very much feels—like that. – EGM



Flying with planes has its fun moments and the soundtrack is enjoyable. Everything else about this title, however, is simply abysmal. Don’t buy this. – PSX-Sense.nl

Air Conflict: Vietnam is a deeply flawed game. There are a few highpoints, but the terrible controls and downright embarrassing graphics make it hard to enjoy the decent parts. The game lacks polish and feels very rushed, even though it was released on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC a year ago. The soundtrack is great though. – Level7.nu
Air Conflicts: Vietnam is a game that just can’t justify its own existence. It’s got a few clever ideas, but it doesn’t have the scope or budget to threaten any of the amazing flight sims you could play right now for far, far less money. – CalmDownTom


maxresdefault (1).jpg

The idea behind it –a dark Bomberman– was ok, but the lack of tutorials and the confusing design makes it hard to play and enjoy. – Vandal

This should be a grindhouse version of Bomberman, but the game is poor, tantalized by netcode and matchmaking problems, and in the end a very discouraging arcade. – Everyeye.it

It’s possible that, one day in the future, Basement Crawl might be worth checking out, but at this point in time, I wouldn’t bet on it. – Gaming Age



All in all, there may not be enough substance for a gamer to really stick around and play the game more than a few times in curiosity. – Impulsegamer

While it does have a lot of fan service, it really doesn’t have much else besides clunky gameplay, horrible visuals, and repetitive gameplay. – PlayStation LifeStyle

Bumbling combat, laughable visuals, and terribly overpriced. – NZGamer

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