The Ultimate Way To Play Retro Video Games In A Modern Gaming Console

Nintendo recently announced the Mini SNES Classic and it took the internet by storm. It is not the first time though, in fact, Nintendo did try to bring the retro gaming back with the NES classic Unfortunately the production was shut down for some reasons and never really made the mark it should have due to short supplies.


But the retro gaming scene is not over yet! A new console is making promising to bring Retro Gaming in Modern style.

PlayMaji is creating a new Retro gaming console. This new console is called “POLYMEGA”

“If you’re like us, you take your games seriously. You strive for perfection in competition against other players” – Polymega

Polymega, like we said, is trying to bring Retro gaming in a modern style. What I mean when I say “Modern Style” is that not only you can enjoy retro games in HD quality but you can record the gameplay, You can stream the gameplay and you can even play them with your friend online.  That seems pretty exciting and the most thrilling thing about the console is Online functionality and how it is going to connect retro gamers.


Online modes in retro games in a modern looking console in which you record gameplay and then you can stream that gameplay to various channels? I mean is there anyone that wouldn’t like that?


Polymega upscales games to 1080p resolution and even saves a digital version of the game to the console. As a result, players won’t always need to use the original cartridge.


The interface and UI of the software are pretty basic and looks very easy to navigate very similar resemblance to Apple TV UI.

You guys can check out the Official Press Release information down below 

POLYMEGA™ features new patent-pending technology called Hybrid Emulation, which allows for the direct hardware reading of specialized chips and mappers contained within historically difficult-to-emulate retro game cartridges. This means gamers get full hardware compatibility with every game in their classic games library, and unparalleled performance to boot.

If controller lag is your enemy, Hybrid Emulation technology also allows for the highest speed possible while using classic retro game controllers connected directly to POLYMEGA™ Element Modules. In this mode you can obtain near lag-free speeds² for controller input, allowing casual and competitive players to push their skills to new heights.

POLYMEGA™ natively upscales retro games from their original resolution to full HD 1080p, perfect for your living room. While crystal clear pixels are a joy to view for some players, those who prefer the older look of older TV’s from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s will appreciate a suite of virtual displays which model the look, feel, geometry and tone of these classic displays from gaming’s past.

Whether you’re a retro games enthusiast, or a more casual gamer wanting to try out the genuine article, POLYMEGA™ is the #1 way to enjoy a deep and satisfying retro gaming experience in your living room without the mess of wires and clutter.

An industry first, POLYMEGA™ ships with an on-board CD/DVD optical drive, custom produced by partner Hitachi LG Data Storage (HLDS) to support the needs and features of retro game consoles. It allows you to experience the full lineup of disc games for never-before supported systems such as PSX, Sega CD, TurboGrafx-CD, and more.

Another key innovation introduced by POLYMEGA™ are modular interfaces, called “Element Modules” ¹, which allow for play using original video game cartridges and controllers from older game systems. Once a game cartridge is inserted into an Element Module, players can add the game to their digital collection, share their new addition on Facebook or Twitter, or play and stream via Twitch and YouTube. Changing games and systems is as easy as ejecting the current module and inserting another.


There has been no confirmed release date or price but we will update the article as soon it is officially announced.

For more info and images check out their official website

#The Ultimate Way To Play Retro Video Games In A Modern Gaming Console