The Biggest Problem With Video Game Critics

Video games have been in existence for a long time and so the critics..everybody looks forward to big gaming sites for review on latest and greatest and most of the time what people do look out for those reviews is SCORE. Yeah, have you seen that whenever you read a review of a game or a movie you scroll down to see the score and after seeing that you don’t even bother to read the full review? What I am trying to say here is that video game critics are not always the good, in fact, most of the times the are completely wrong. We also review game but we only have 2-3 guys that reviews games and those guys play the full game and analyze it and deep research about the game before putting out the review. @matcorreia  reviewed the BOTW after 400 hours of gameplay and it is a lot of dedication for a game to review. Video game dunkey (One of my favorites) made a funny/serious video on the current status of video game critics.

Even though we take months to review games we don’t get the end result very good due to our small audience base. Still, we love what we have and we always gonna push forward to quality content. For those who still read our reviews, we just want to say a big thank you!!!

#The Biggest Problem With Video Game Critics