Best Single Player Video Games With Long Ass Campaigns

Everybody Loves Single-Player video games even though the online gaming has come a long way most of the gamers prefer single player campaign instead of Co-op. What really makes a story mode perfect game is a length. every game wants a long campaign filled with exciting character and immersive world and well-crafted story. Today we have the games that tick all the boxes for being a perfect long campaign game.



If you loved Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii or Nintendo 3DS, you will soon find yourself a new love in the form of Xenoblade Chronicles X on Wii U. – Examiner

While those hoping to just pick it up and immediately know what they’re doing are likely to be a bit overwhelmed at first, others who are looking for a deep title chock-full of systems and content that have a learning curve will be well taken care of. There are certainly issues, but they get swallowed up by the sheer quality of the base game and its focus on depth. – RPGamer



The current paragon of role-playing titles and open worlds, The Witcher: Wild Hunt is a game for the ages; a rich and immersive world full of significant decisions and a feeling of intelligent and epic fantasy. Peerless. – LevelUp

This is the new standard for open world role-playing games. There is no such thing as a perfect game, but The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt come as close to perfect as any RPG to date. – DarkStation

The Witcher 3 impressed not just with sheer size, but also with its small scale fully enchanting surprises – GameStar



At its core this is a spectacular work of contemporary young adult fiction, one with a strong moral core, angled yet never didactic, expansive yet always focused. – Guardian

This is one of the best games we’ve ever played. We thought the series had peaked, but Atlus has proved us wrong. Unless you hate RPGs, you shouldn’t miss it. – Vandal
It’s a spectacular RPG experience that is truly in a league of its own, and fans of the series and the genre in general owe it to themselves to check it out – Attack of the Fanboy



Morrowind effortlessly grabs the other PC RPGs by the throat, swings them around, and leaves them in a heap on the side of the road. – GamePro

The most engrossing, deepest and open-ended videogame you’ll see for a very long time, at times it feels like more then a videogame, something to get completely caught up in and realise that time has no importance when you’re playing it. – Total Video Games

Shows more planning, talent (aesthetic, programming, and design) and creative vision than anything I’ve played in a very long time. – IGN


dragon quest VII.jpg

The story is exciting and fun, plus the characters are very memorable. Dragon Quest VIII is a must-have for JRPG fans and should earn a permanent place on your HOME screen. – Gaming Age
Dragon Quest piles on the enhancements in the 3DS version, and these tiny improvements are so numerous, that Dragon quest VIII feels far less dated than an RPG over a decade old should feel. – COGconnected
Dragon Quest VIII is a JRPG-lover’s JRPG that holds up fantastically more than a decade after its original release on the PlayStation 2. It may do nothing to change your mind if you’re not a fan of the genre’s tried and true formula, but every JRPG fan owes it to themselves to check out this classic. – RPG Fan
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#Best Single Player Video Games With Long Ass Campaigns