Top 5 Video Games That Never Make It On Top 5 Lists

For as long as video games have been out, players have written out lists, rating the “top games” of the time. Unfortunately, this leaves out a bunch of games, that otherwise, should be absolute classics. Luckily for all of you, I have compiled a list of all the games that you never get to see in the so-called “top __ games lists.” I present to you, the top five games, or game franchises, that never make standard top five lists. The list is in no particular order.

The Kirby Franchise

Kirby first burst onto the scene in 1992, on the original Game Boy, in Kirby’s Dream Land, which received a 62.22 percent rating according to Essentially, the game was a basic platformer and did not yet include the infamous “kirbian” ability to absorb enemies powers.


That came with the next title in the Kirby line, Kirby’s Adventure, which was released in 1993 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Kirby’s Adventure introduced players to the classic “copy” ability of Kirby’s. This allowed him to eat an enemy, and gain whatever powers he may have had, be it electricity, fire, etc. At the time of it’s release, Kirby’s Adventure received widespread critical acclaim. Reviewers praised the level design, as well as the “copy” ability, which was viewed as a game changer at the time of release. The game was even named top NES game in 1993 (and not since.)

Following a succession of fairly successful sequels, Kirby made the leap to 3D in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, which was released on the Nintendo 64 in June 2000. In order to keep the game fresh, the development team took the “copy” ability of Kirby’s to the next level. Now, instead of breathing in one enemy and taking his abilities, you could combine two different abilities. Want to have a power that is both ice and fire? Kirby could do that. Rock and electricity? Kirby could combine those as well. In addition to the well-received level design, this new ability to combine powers was very well received in this game.


Many Kirby games have since been released for various Nintendo consoles, and despite most of them being very well-made and featuring numerous copying abilities, I do not ever see any of these games making a top ten game list of any sort, unless it is one ranking the best Kirby games. Kirby may forever be in the background compared to Mario, but he has done his best to make his games stand on their own.

Time Splitters


Ahhhh Timesplitters. While the original was a Playstation exclusive, the sequel was released on Gamecube, Xbox, and the PS2. The Timesplitters franchise spawned a total of three games, with one more announced, but never seeing the light of day. Fans really enjoyed this series for it’s extremely impressive overall designs, weapons, replayability, and multiplayer. Timesplitters 2 especially gained traction with its PS2 version, which received widespread praise, particularly aimed at the multiplayer area of the game. Timesplitters was a first person shooter, which put players in various points of time, and was animated in a more comic book style compared to other FPS games at the time. Despite never appearing on top five lists, the series has acquired a large following. A petition at to bring a remastered HD collection to current generation consoles currently has over 80,000 signatures.

The Fatal Frame Franchise


While this game series has traditionally sold very well in Japan, in the United States the title has always received a tepid, at best, the response from the general consumer. While several video game journalists have praised the series in articles about the horror genre in general, very few times does any entry in this series appear in a top game list.


Traditionally, within Fatal Frame games, the players only means of defense is with a camera. While you may immediately begin making comparisons to Outlast, it would not the right assumption. In Fatal Frame, your camera is also a defense mechanism, in that you have the ability to damage ghosts and pacify them by capturing them with your camera. In the game it is called “Camera Obscura.” In each game, players must navigate through a location that has become extremely haunted by the paranormal. Aside from hostile ghosts, there are ones that you may see through your camera that do not harm you. With many of these, if you do not see them the first time they are to appear, they disappear for the rest of the game. If you have not played any of these games and you enjoy the horror genre, I highly recommend you look into the franchise.

Red Faction

One of my favorite games to play when I was a teen was Red Faction. Aside from the interesting story within the campaign, this game featured some amazing destructible environments. You could take a rocket launcher, and shoot at the wall dozens of times, tunneling your way through the level to entirely different sections.


The way this feature captivated its audience was awesome. Players could waste hours just messing around shooting and blasting tunnels through the rocks in the first level alone, while not even paying attention to the actual campaign story. The destructible environments also carry over to the multiplayer area of the game, where players were able to shoot tunnels and burrow their way out of the actual map altogether.  All of the following sequels to the game also featured destructible environments that were extremely fun to play with, but the original title will forever hold a special place in many players hearts.

Twisted Metal

While all of the games in this franchise certainly had a few flaws, it is nearly impossible to deny them of their charm. Sitting somewhere between horror freakshow and happy circus, the games allow you to pick out the vehicle of your choice (often brutal looking,) and then pits you against enemies in a near Mario Kart-stylemaxresdefault.jpg battle royale. Think of balloon battle in Mario Kart, but with guns, missiles, and blood, and you have the ingredients for a Twisted Metal game. Good for mindless fun with your friends, this game should be viewed on more top five lists, but it is not there to be seen.

Are there any games you feel should be recognized more often? Let us know below, I would love to hear what you all think!

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