How Team Fortress 2 Graphics Downgraded In Last 10 Years

How did the 2007 version look (texture, lighting, animation, physics) compared to the most recent build (June 2017). All of this is still present on Xbox 360 and PS3 with Orange Box.
This has been recorded on the version for the 2007 footage and most recent Steam version for the “now” footage. getpos and setpos commands were used to record everything at the exact same angles and location.
– The missing blue flame at 0:22 is still present in the current version, it just didn’t appear under that angle.
– Syringe Gun at 1:52 does spin in first person.
– The lighting difference at 2:51 is for the character selection menu only
TF2 OST – Right Behind You
TF2 OST – Three Days to Live
TF2 OST – Stink Lines

#How Team Fortress 2 Graphics Downgraded In Last 10 Years