Why I Don’t Have Any High Expectations For Grand Theft Auto 6

Grand Theft Auto is the series which I love the most and still, it is my most beloved video game franchise. Every gamer has a childhood game and mine was GTA 3 and Vice City. GTA Has changed the gaming industry and popularized the Open World Genre. It is also one of the most controversial and influential games of all time. GTA has always included some controversial stuff which always gets the games banned in some country. Even though it is still my favorite video game series of all time I think it won’t last long enough and today I am gonna tell everyone why I don’t have High expectations for Next GTA Game.



Anyone who has played every GTA game will agree with me on this one and it is Bad Story Mode in GTA 5. Yes, GTA 5 is an awesome game probably the best of its kind but when it comes to story and overall plot quality it is the worst in GTA Series.


The Characters are really interesting but the narration is just straight up bad and not interesting. GTA Games were used to have a phenomenal story and plot twists whether it is Niko Revenge story or Tommy Vercetti Kingpin story. The thing I hate the most is how Rockstar did not utilize those amazing characters present in-game. We could have got segments of Trevor’s childhood which we can control and realize how bad his childhood actually was. But unfortunately, it was just a story of three guys trying to make their life less miserable.


I am really worried about The next GTA game when it comes to Plot. Everyone in GTA community would like to get a new refreshed plot like Rockstar games was used to make. Also Seeing the current status of GTA 5 it seems that Rockstar won’t be focusing on Story DLC for the next GTA.


Grand Theft Auto 4 introduced Online mode that lets you play GTA 4 with your friends and It was a lot of fun and I surprisingly made more friends on GTA 4 than in real life. The Online mode in the game was simple and functional without any major DLC that will you make you bankrupt and no Shark Cards bullshit. Simple put together it was a great time playing GTA 4 Online.


Fast Forward to GTA 5 Online and everything that made the GTA 4 online version great was removed from GTA 5 Online. GTA 5 Online is possibly the biggest thing at Rockstar games right now and it is making them a lot of money but is it any good?  the answer is “YES” and I used to enjoy GTA 5 Online and pretty used to play every day until those money hungry DLC came out. Finance and Felony were the first that made everyone in GTA 5 desperate for money. Now the whole community grinds or buys modded accounts to enjoy the full content that is only accessible by Rich players and if you are not rich enough then Go F**k yourself or buy Shark Cards.


What I want in really want in GTA 6 Online mode is fun. Not content that forces you to buy shark cards and to do glitches just so you can drive around in new cars. Bring back Cops and Crooks, Introduce DLC like Heists and just don’t make it like GTA 5 Online.

This was pretty much it and those are the two biggest reason why I don’t have any high expectations for Next GTA Game.

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