Red Dead Redemption 2 Was Delayed Because Of Cross-Play

Red Dead Redemption 2 if not the most anticipated video game of last 5 years. RDR Showed how Rockstar games can create an engaging story with beautiful plot and characters. RDR 2 was announced and everybody freaked out including me. Even though it is delayed to 2018 there could be a reason behind it.

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The thing RDR 2 is delayed is probably because of Cross-play. This year at E3 it is finally confirmed that gamers on a different platform would be able to play online together. Regardless PS4 was not on the list.

Red Dead

The rumor comes by way of Blasting News, which shares the rumor without citing any sources, even anonymous ones. Rockstar is the gaming company that always tries to stay ahead of the game in technological advances and it is very possible to think that Rockstar is trying to make Red Dead Redemption 2 Online mode Cross-play. For Obvious reasons RDR 2 Online mode is going to be a big deal because of the revenue Take-Two makes is unbelievable.

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It is interesting to see this rumor float around but it is hard for me to swallow that the whole games were delayed just because of Cross-Play. I do hope this rumor is true so I can finally play online mode with my friends whether they are on PC or Xbox.

#Red Dead Redemption 2 Was Delayed Because Of Cross-Play