Humongous Open-Worlds Video Games Where You Can Immerse Yourself In

VIDEO GAMES back in the 1990s were used to have an aim a motive or simply the main objective was to complete it. Now it’s not anymore with the introduction of Open World video games has achieved something far greater than we all expected. Open World video games need a lot of work and when they are finally done gamer’s can easily spend years in those games without getting bored. The Main Concept of the open world video games is just to finish the story and then uninstall it. The developer wants everyone to experience and explore their crazy worlds. This is why we are counting down the best open worlds video games where you can lose yourself in.



Its shockingly cohesive world is as beautiful as it is demanding, and it’s packed full of mature content that throws you from one emotional response to the next. Its storytelling is superb, its combat is grippingly refined, and its often unforgiving nature only lends itself to a brilliantly rewarding experience. – Push Square

The amount of content we find in The Witcher 3 is outstanding, as is its quality. It is true that there are some aspects with some room for improvement, but it delivers such a rich and unique universe that you will soon forget about them. – Vandal

The Witcher 3 is one of the most hyped games this spring, but it’s also one of the best. CD Project Red has managed to build a huge world that is both interesting and entertaining to explore. Add to that a well-crafted combat system and good opportunities to customize your character. –



If traveling through Bethesda’s version of Boston for 60 hours has taught me anything, it’s that the little things are what matter. – Slant Magazine

Fallout 4 makes you say goodbye to the rest of the world and immerse yourself in its universe for hours and hours. Its powerful virtues compensate for its obvious shortcomings. – Vandal

A thrilling, engaging, post-apocalyptic Boston awaits. Dark humor combines with a serious narrative that makes us think about the value of human life in this huge glitchy world that is barely contained within a game disc. – Atomix



This is a culmination of everything Guerrilla has learned from working on the Killzone franchise and they’ve successfully crafted something that delivers on the potential many saw back in 2015. Horizon Zero Dawn is not only one of the best-looking games of this generation, but a must own for every PlayStation 4 owner. – Hardcore Gamer

Guerilla’s open world debut offers great gameplay, is huge and looks fantastic. A must-buy for PS4 owners. – GamePro Germany

Horizon Zero Dawn thrums with the energy of a creative team finally allowed to explore something new. It builds on elements of open-world and loot-and-craft gameplay that we’ve seen before, but it does so within a context, a setting and a style that feel fresh. – Polygon



After the long wait, PC-gamers get what they have been hoping for. We cannot deny it; the PC is the best way to experience GTA V. Rockstar optimised the game perfectly, and we are happy to start our third and forth play-throughs. –

Sure, the Rockstar Social Club is an annoying hoop to jump through, and hardware fragmentation poses problems for some. But for those with the hardware to run it, GTA V serves as a testament to the PC platform’s superiority, and a reminder that good things come to those that wait. – AusGamers

If you hadn’t had a chance to play it yet at all though, and your computer can handle it, the PC version does definitely feel like the definitive version. – DarkStation



Final Fantasy XV hides a convoluted, 10 year-long development behind every corner and desperately struggles with its own identity. Fans of the franchise might find the new open world structure a bit disappointing especially because it hurts a narrative that finds some coherence in the second half of the game and goes straight to an emotional and very divisive ending. –

While it occasionally buckles under its own ambition and the game falters somewhat as the plot ramps up, overall Final Fantasy XV is a beautiful, exciting game that I dearly loved. It may not be the best game I’ve played this year, but it is almost certainly my favorite, and Square Enix has built an incredible, extremely unique open-world. – High-Def Digest

There is so much good here, so much heart – especially in the relationships between Noctis and his sworn brothers. It just comes with some changes and compromises that were, at times, difficult for this long-time Final Fantasy fan to come to grips with. – IGN

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