Amazing Forgotten Video Games That Needs A Sequel

There was a time when Skating games, Rap Games, Stunts Games and more were used to break sales record and some prime examples being Tony Hawk and Crazy Taxi. Now it’s not like that anymore the genres of the past are now exciting even though some companies tried to bring back some old genre games but didn’t succeed examples being Yooka-Laylee. This is why today we are looking at some of the best-forgotten video games of all time.



Burnout Paradise offers one of the most intense racing experiences around. It won’t wow you with a high degree of realism like Gran Turismo will but for pure racing action, it is one of the best titles ever produced. – GamePro

The car models are fantastic, essentially moving the graphics of the arcade racer into the realm of the driving sims. – NZGamer

Criterion should be commended for trying to try something different in Burnout Paradise. – GamingTrend



A breath of fresh air, a wonderful diversion, a good use of puzzle-solving energy. It’s like “Mario 64,” but better. Any improvement over a game that got little but perfect ratings when it was released is an improvement to be applauded. – Games Domain

Brilliant, plain and simple, and another example of why Nintendo have become so dependant on Rare — the company produces games that are every bit as good as Nintendo’s own, if not better. –

While not necessarily breaking down walls in innovation, Banjo-Kazooie takes us down a path we’ve been before and makes the ride a whole lot smoother. – GamerWeb Nintendo



The overall takeaway I get while playing SSX: sometimes EA gets it exactly right. Sometimes their experience from a dozen misguided games, and a half dozen decent games, and two or three really good games is distilled into one perfect example of how some AAA titles are every bit as awesome as they’re supposed to be. – Quarter to Three

If you have ever enjoyed a single moment from the last generation games, you need to own SSX. Newcomers should not fear getting their snowboots wet with SSX. Like the other games, it is easy to get into and the online Ridernet helps fuel the flame of competition for many months to come. – DarkStation



The feel of the arcade makes a successful transfer into an exciting and forever entertaining game that teaches everyone to respect those time honored heroes: the cabbies. – GameZone

Its excellent mix of driving techniques, fantasy physics, and gigantic cities will keep couch drivers burning onscreen rubber for some time. – GamePro

An excellent, adrenaline pumping game that is nearly identical to its arcade and Dreamcast counterparts. – All Game Guide

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