Top 5 Big Video Games That Can Win Worst Game Of The Year 2017

WORST VIDEO GAMES! It’s a big word and you have seen already how incredible this year has been when it comes successful games. Winning the worst game of the year award is not the best thing and it surely makes the developer less confident about their next game. But instead of taking this and going into a depression it is better to address the issues and make the second game the best they can.




A nice idea, spoiled by too-little content and an overly high price. Several weeks after its launch it’s almost impossible to find anyone to play with, and for an online-only game this is a huge problem. – MondoXbox

Don’t bother yourself with Deformers; it’s too pricey, sparsely populated, and not really fun to play anyway. – TheXboxHu

An idea that’s too simple. It’s pretty, but the gameplay isn’t perfect. In a game like that, this is the most important. It has a lot of customization options, but only three game modes. Too expensive and almost impossible to find a match. – SomosXbox



 That was the end of Trulon for me, and I’d have to describe it, in total, as being the videogame equivalent of an ellipsis — it’s just an empty pause with no conclusion. Everything good about it is squandered by poor craftsmanship, and in its current state it should be avoided at all costs. – GameCritics
overall, the biggest obstacle for disabled gamers is the same one for non-disabled gamers: the game-breaking bugs. – ICXM
Trulon: The Shadow Engine offers a fun adventure that is simple and full of things to discover. The combat system is highly original because it offers you the possibility to create your own tactics. Unfortunately the bugs and their poor balance between easy and high difficulty make the experience worse. – Generación Xbox


motor racer 3.jpg

Moto Racer 4 is not a bad game, but it is a shallow, arcade motorcycle racer. It might be perfectly serviceable, and average racer that is fun enough in short spurts, but it really doesn’t do enough to separate itself from the racing pack in any meaningful or memorable way either. – Digitally Downloaded

This feels like a great disappointment. Moto Racer 4’s budget upbringing can do little to forgive the twitchy handling and tough career objectives. For an arcade racer, fun moments are in short supply and fans of the series might want to avoid this. There’s challenge and frustration in abundance but the core racing doesn’t excite me. – PlayStation Country



We’ve waited a long time for this threequel and unfortunately, the results do not live up to expectation. Technically, it’s even a bit obsolete. Only true fans will be able to appreciate this. –

This game feels like it should’ve come out over a decade ago, and even then, it still wouldn’t have been ready for release. Some sprawling mechanical puzzles, an intriguing world, and a solid soundtrack can’t save Syberia 3 from its disappointing delivery. Poor writing and even worse voice acting make its humdrum story a chore to chew through. With major technical issues in tow along with too much errand-like gameplay, the series should’ve waved a final goodbye like its protagonist in her last outing. – Push Square


vaccine xbox one.jpg

Minimal story, frustrating design, and a revival of all the bad things of which survival horror washed its hands years ago — these all crop up in Vaccine and combine to have the game miss its mark. Instead of a love letter to bygone scares, what we get is a tiresome endeavor for anyone but the most diehard fans for old school horror. What’s worse, even such fans might be turned away by Vaccine’s blatant ripping off of Capcom’s renowned franchise. – TrueAchievements
Vaccine sets out to imitate the classic horror games of old, and in that regard it is successful; however, it fails in being an engaging and enjoyable experience as a whole. The roguelike elements are not a great match for the classic genre, and the reliance the player will have on luck and having to deal with clunky controls will make the game an easy one to put down. If you are itching to play an old school horror game, then you’re way better off just playing the HD remake of the original Resident Evil, than having to deal with the frustration that is Vaccine. – XBLA Fans

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#Top 5 Big Video Games That Can Win Worst Game Of The Year 2017