Bully 2 Concept Art And Images Leaked Online

Recently there have been some leaks regarding the next big game from Rockstar games. No, it’s not Red Dead Redemption 2 and I am talking about the Bully 2.


Bully was released back in 2006 and now it is considered as one of the best games for PS2. After YAN2295 tweeted that Rockstar is working on Bully 2 there is some more images and concept art of the game.

User “GTAFanClub” on the GTA forums released some photos of what looks to be concept art.


We have not heard anything from Rockstar games but we are expecting it at this year PSX. Even though the concept art looks very likely how a bully game should but still take this all with a grain of salt.


In the post, there was something the user teased and it was that he will also show the image of the game “Agent” Remeber that? Well, it was announced way back in 2007 and It was going to be a very unique game from Rockstar Games. Unfortunately, we never got anything after that and I am really excited to some images and leaked concept art of Agent.

#Bully 2 Concept Art And Images Leaked Online